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While there are many books for kids to consider on the market, I would like to introduce the award winning children’s book, Saltwater Taffy.  This epic adventure novel follows the lives of five young friends as they uncover a treasure map once belonging to Jean Lafitte, the great New Orleans pirate.

Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is now considered one of the best books for kids on the market.  Not only does the story of adventure entertain the reader, it teaches them many valuable life lessons along the way.  As Hollywood and major book publishers continue to deliver content that is too violent or advanced for the tween-aged market, Saltwater Taffy is an adventure novel for the entire family.  

Peer pressure and the overwhelming drive of fitting in at school causes our children to withdraw from their dreams and develop the dysfunctional habit of playing small.  As a result, they no longer raise their hands in class and shy away from anything that might make them appear vulnerable to their peers.

As time passes and they grow older, their self-worth is now based on how many friends they have on Facebook, what label of clothing they wear, or how popular they are at school.  Saddled with the dysfunctional habit of playing small, children begin to change their character and before they know it, they lose sight of their dreams.

If a dysfunctional mental habit like this has the ability to derail a child’s future potential, is it possible for us to alter their direction by enhancing their entertainment experience?  Welcome to the Saltwater Taffy solution.  Available in bookstores around the world, and every eReader on the market, Saltwater Taffy has the ability to change the lives of our children.  Pick up your copy today and watch your child discover the joy of reading.

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