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Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rotan, Florida

Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rota, Florida

Saltwater Taffy, the award-winning children’s book, was recently at the Miami Book Fair International to pick up the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal for Children’s Books.  Since we were there, we shot up the coast to Boca Rotan, Florida where the kids at Water’s Edge Elementary School went crazy for Saltwater Taffy!  Here are some shots from the amazing assembly for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!


Saltwater Taffy has taken home two GOLD MEDALS for Children’s books.  We are so excited the children of the country are responding so favorably for this adventure novel.  We are currently on the Accelerated Reader List across the country and hoping to be added to the Sunshine Reading List in Florida.  This stop should help that desire.


Accelerated Reader Picks Saltwater Taffy

Accelerated Reader Picks Saltwater Taffy

Accelerated Reader Saltwater TaffyAccelerated Reader picks Saltwater Taffy for it’s list of award-winning children’s books.  This is a SAWEET honor for us to be on the Accelerated Reader list because now children across the country can be rewarded for reading Saltwater Taffy.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this list, the Accelerated Reader program is a software assessment tool that assesses a student’s reading level, suggests titles of books at that level, and then assess whether a student has completed reading the book by asking a series of quiz questions.  The program is highly popular around the country because it enhances the reading skills of the students as well as the teaching experience.  It creates reading independence among students and accountability, which is perfect for reluctant readers.  If you are looking for books for kids, Saltwater Taffy is a perfect read for kids.


School Visits with Saltwater Taffy

Author visitsSchool visits with Saltwater Taffy is an experience your students will never soon forget.  If your PTA, Children’s Book Club or Elementary School is looking to inspire your kids to read, Saltwater Taffy is ready for your next author visit!

We have an amazing deal through Southwest Airlines for travel in the continental United States through May 2013.  If your school is thinking about having any sort of author visits this year or next, please contact us immediately and we’ll make it happen.  Saltwater Taffy is entering it’s second printing, so the word is getting out about this amazing middle grade fiction adventure novel.

Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year, we are confident your kids will love this amazing award-winning children’s book.  If you want to help your kids get excited about reading and writing, book your Saltwater Taffy assembly and Eric DelaBarre author visit today!


The Problem Facing Tweens Today

One of the big problems facing Tweens today is they care more about what others think of them than they do themselves.  

tweensWhile Saltwater Taffy is an award-winning middle grade adventure novel and soon-to-be feature film for tweens and their families, the reason it was created is because I can’t stand to watch even one kid grow up with the runaway idea that they are anything BUT amazing!

The positive and negative mental habits we develop during our “tween-age” years are often the mental habits we carry with us into our adult lives.

As young children, we are filled with many amazing dreams of tomorrow.  We believe that we can accomplish anything and that nothing is out of reach.  Because of our age, we aren’t yet worried about what other people think of us and have the innate ability to listen to our hearts desire.  Because of our age, we are more willing Read more