THE POWER OF THOUGHT: All Hacks Off The Stage

Saltwater Taffy

The power of thought continues to be a paradox.  While we have more people realizing, celebrating and sharing the power of thought, we are failing to master the concept.

If we can agree, for even a brief second, that our ‘thoughts are energy,’ why would anyone deny their greatness by choosing runaway thoughts of fear, doubt and worry?  Why would we even entertain a thought that makes us feel less than the whole person we deserve to be?

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Bad habit thinkingMIDDLE GRADE READING: Bad Habit Thinking

Bad habit thinking can become a bad habit that follows us into our adult lives.  If allowed, a single middle grade thought can trip…you…out.  During the formidable years of middle school, life is stuck on hyper-speed and everything seems to be a matter of life or death.  IT…IS…NOT.  Middle grade years have the ability of becoming some of the best years of our lives if we keep the mental playground free of limiting thought patterns, otherwise known as

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