THE POWER OF THOUGHT: All Hacks Off The Stage

Saltwater Taffy

The power of thought continues to be a paradox.  While we have more people realizing, celebrating and sharing the power of thought, we are failing to master the concept.

If we can agree, for even a brief second, that our ‘thoughts are energy,’ why would anyone deny their greatness by choosing runaway thoughts of fear, doubt and worry?  Why would we even entertain a thought that makes us feel less than the whole person we deserve to be?

Television, which is doing everything but “telling us a vision,” is filled with programming where hatred and greed is put on the stage for the world to see.  I don’t understand why people tune into these reality shows, which are devoted to feeding the voyeuristic gluttony of the American public.  These shows are bad soap operas trying to pass themselves off as something of important.

If the power of thought is endless, then I would like to address those pesky little thoughts of fear that try and tear us down.  To those little life sucker thoughts, I quote one of my heros…Oscar winner, Aaron Sorkin.  In an episode of the West Wing, he writes:


If we consider our mind as the stage, the hacks are those thoughts that only further our dysfunctional thinking process.  Hack-filled thoughts keep us from achieving greatness.  Hack-filled thoughts try and trick us into thinking we shouldn’t do something even though our heart tells us we should.

As a former hack, I am now grateful to be among those of us who choose to think UP and not DOWN, despite the external circumstances shown to us in the media.

the power of thoghtI am grateful to find the inspiration to write a book like Saltwater Taffy.  Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the year, this book not only takes our children on journey of adventure, but it also teaches them to listen to something I call the heart compass.  This heart compass is that internal ‘ping’ that drives us towards love.  All hacks off the stage, my heart compass is taking over!

I am by no means an expert on the mind.  I am, however, a student of the mind.  I have been working on my thinking mind for most of my life and I am again, grateful for the  man I am becoming.  I am grateful that I am aware of the power that each thought carries.

I say all of this because of the adventure I am on with my wife Julie, and our beautiful daughter Emery.  I also grateful for the life now living in my wife’s belly.  Yes, Taffy Heads….that’s right, we’re pregnant!  For this and so many other reasons,  I am now constantly looking for ways to become more conscious of who I am and this begins with the things I am willing to give my attention to.  My attention is on my family and to be in service of children of our country.  I want to help them understand and realize —


Does this mean I am without thoughts of failure, regret or frustration along my journey?  No.  After all, I am human, but that’s the point I am trying to make.  What is it about the human mind that causes us to give light to these hack-filled negative thoughts?  Why does the mind allow us to destroy our dreams or aspirations with a runaway hack-filled thought of fear?  Imagine where I would be if I thought Saltwater Taffy wasn’t something special?  Working on some crime show and wondering what would’ve been if I believe in my dream to see Saltwater Taffy on the big screen.  All hacks off the stage.  I like where I am and what I am devoting my life to.

Saltwater TaffyIs it the epic battle of the ego and thoughts of good vs. evil?  Is it a conditional response to the world we are now living in?  My journey of moving Saltwater Taffy onto the national stage as a ‘non-celebrity’ is difficult with all the malicious hypnotism…I mean, marketing and programming….targeted at us and our children.

Is it the fault of our media or the celebrity infatuated society we have created where people want to be famous for the sake of being famous?  Do they even understand the loss of personal freedom that comes with being a celebrity?  Whatever the reason, I say this to the thinking mind that tries to destroy my dreams:


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