SWT 3D WHITESet during the 4th of July weekend and perfect for summer readingSaltwater Taffy follows the lives of five ‘tween-age’ friends as they embark on an epic journey of treasure hunting adventure and self-discovery.

“A perfect read for the summer.  A wonderful, fun-filled adventure for all ages.”

Sharon Andrews
Teacher of the Year

The adventure begins when the friends find a treasure map belonging to the great New Orleans pirate, Jean Lafitte.  The discovery thrusts them from one treasure-hunting adventure to the next as they try to out-wit, out-maneuver and out-think everyone from the town bully, their limiting beliefs of what’s possible, to the creepy old man living at the top of the hill.

adventure book for kidsEndorsed 12 Teacher’s of the Year, Saltwater Taffy is an Accelerated Reader title and children’s book club favorite.  I believe summer reading is a perfect way to show our children that every moment is an adventure…waiting to happen.

We love getting 5 Star Summer Reading Reviews for Saltwater Taffy!  This latest review comes through Amazon’s website listing for Saltwater Taffy and well, this is a reason we keep marketing our tails off so we can make Saltwater Taffy a book that every child is aware of.

saltwater taffy

As the world continues to speed up, at what appears to be a blistering pace of disconnecting connections,  I think it’s important for us to create messages from the heart and FOR the heart.  If we don’t teach our children the importance of listening inward, who will?  Saltwater Taffy is a perfect read for the summer.



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