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Books for kidsBOOKS FOR KIDS

While there are many books for kids to consider on the market, I would like to introduce the award winning children’s book, Saltwater Taffy.  This epic adventure novel follows the lives of five young friends as they uncover a treasure map once belonging to Jean Lafitte, the great New Orleans pirate.

Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is now Read more

Seven Arrows Literary Festival


This year’s Seven Arrows Literary Festival was a huge success.  After spending the morning with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, I remain confident about one thing in the world of book publishing; writing a Children’s Book is just the beginning step in a long adventurous journey.

When you write a children’s book, it not only connects you with some amazing kids, but it gives you the opportunity to inspire young minds.   Read more


The Problem Facing Tweens Today

One of the big problems facing Tweens today is they care more about what others think of them than they do themselves.  

tweensWhile Saltwater Taffy is an award-winning middle grade adventure novel and soon-to-be feature film for tweens and their families, the reason it was created is because I can’t stand to watch even one kid grow up with the runaway idea that they are anything BUT amazing!

The positive and negative mental habits we develop during our “tween-age” years are often the mental habits we carry with us into our adult lives.

As young children, we are filled with many amazing dreams of tomorrow.  We believe that we can accomplish anything and that nothing is out of reach.  Because of our age, we aren’t yet worried about what other people think of us and have the innate ability to listen to our hearts desire.  Because of our age, we are more willing Read more

CHANGE: A Roadblock or Path To Greatness?

Saltwater TaffyCHANGE: A Roadblock or Path To Greatness?

Why are we so afraid of change? Is it because we are worried about what other people might think of us if we change and let go of our ‘old self?’  Change, which can also be referred to as GROWING UP, can be a road block or a path to greatness.  What happens next is up to each and every one of us. Read more


Saltwater Taffy7 Diet Secrets For Tweens

7 Diet Secrets for Tweens was created when I learned one in three American kids suffer from obesity.  That is NOT a good number you guys, so let’s talk quickly about nutrition and losing weight at your age.  Fact is, America is fat and only getting fatter.

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