Award winning children's bookReading Saltwater Taffy to Kids!

Reading Saltwater Taffy to kids is just amazing and something I will never get tired of doing.  This amazing award-winning children’s book is touching lives across the country and the tour is still on!.  I have had the pleasure of traveling around the country…from Los Angeles, Fresno, California, Port Orchard, Washington, New Orleans, Louisiana, Bremerton, Washington, and all the way to Dallas, Texas.  To see the enjoyment by the middle school children across the country, I have compiled some of our video of me reading Saltwater Taffy to kids across the country to show how much fun we’re having with this award-winning Children’s book.




Teacher of the YearFan mail from a Teacher of the Year?  When I sat down to write the Saltwater Taffy book, I knew I was onto something special in the eyes of teachers, parents and children, but getting a letter like this from an award winning TEACHER OF THE YEAR?  Well, my Taffy Head friends, it is super saweet Saltwater Taffy cool!  Yes, it just makes all the hard work worth it.

This little book is up against some of the biggest publishers in the world and we are happy to report, we are more than holding our own.  We are KICKING some rooty tootie fruity booty!  Here’s the latest letter from our 12th Teacher of the Year!

October 3, 2011

Dear Eric,

I sat down at 10:00 this morning to read Saltwater Taffy.  I intended to read a chapter or two and then do some of the errands that always get delayed until Saturday.  Yet, by page 7, I was hooked.  I didn’t stop when I finished chapter 2; I read until I reached page 252 and that was 4 hours later.

Where was this book when I was a kid?  I would have… Read more

INSPIRING KIDS with the Saltwater Taffy Book

INSPIRING KIDS with Saltwater Taffy Book

Saltwater taffy bookThe Saltwater Taffy book is more than just an award-winning adventure novel for tweens.  The book reminds kids they can accomplish anything in life!  More than just a book, the brand for Saltwater Taffy is a brand that has the potential to change the lives of children across the country!

While my Saltwater Taffy book visits are centered around the book, the cool think about my author visits is that I get to teach kids about their own potential.  When was the last time you heard of a middle grade fiction author visiting a school and talking to the students about their potential in life?

Sure, I want to sell as many Saltwater Taffy books as I can, but the real reason I do author visits is because I want to change the life of that one kid.  That one kid in back who thinks he or she isn’t good enough.  That one kid who thinks he or she will never amount to anything.  I’m here to show them how wrong they are.  I know they are wrong, because I was once that little kid sitting in the back of the room.  It’s no fun, trust me.  If I can shift a kid’s vision of their life towards one of adventure, which is why I wrote the Saltwater Taffy book in the first place, then my job is accomplished.

Here is a quick video from the road!

Inspiring Children with Saltwater Taffy