Free Bookmarks for KidsScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 6.34.32 AMThe Saltwater Taffy Free Bookmarks For Children program has been a huge success.  We have sent bookmarks to Teachers, Librarians and Students as far away as Florida, Arkansas, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Georgia, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington and even right here in California.  If you are a Teacher, Librarian or even a Parent with kids who LOVE free bookmarks, please send us an email and we’ll send our a super SAWEET Saltwater Taffy package your way!  The only thing we ask is you handle the postage, because the popularity of our FREE BOOKMARKS program is getting expensive for production.

Saltwater Taffy is available bookstores nationwide,

and on every eReader in the world!  

124 replies
  1. Ronni Essrog
    Ronni Essrog says:

    I am requesting the free bookmarks for my students
    I run the school library at Yeshivat Or Hatorah 2959 Avenue Y Brooklyn, NY 11235
    I would like 300 bookmarks
    thank you
    Mrs. Essrog, School Librarian

  2. esther keller
    esther keller says:

    I need 1000 bookmarks. I am a middle school librarian in Brooklyn, NY and these bookmarks are a good way to get students to read. PLease send my bookmarks to
    BROOKLYN, NY 11229

    thank you!

  3. Allison Cook
    Allison Cook says:

    I am a library media specialist at an elementary school in Baltimore, Maryland. We would love some of your bookmarks. We have about 400 students.
    Our address is:
    Allison Cook
    11701 Eastern Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21220

    Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith says:

    Hello. I am the librarian at Lillington Shawtown Elementary School. I am requesting 700 bookmarks for my wonderful students. The address is 855 Old US 421 Lillington, NC 27546
    Jennifer Smith

  5. Karen Benna
    Karen Benna says:

    I am a multi-media specialist, and I have the students figure out riddles related to authors or books on display, and I promise them cool bookmarks. Please send me a stack, or as many as you feel comfortable sending. We have 230 students in the school. Our address is : 565 Zolezzi Lane, Reno, NV 89521

  6. A. Daum
    A. Daum says:

    I am a parent volunteer at the Washington Irving Elementary School library. Our kids love bookmarks! We have about 830 students in our school, please send as many as you can spare.
    Send to: 1704 NW 183rd Terrace, Edmond, OK 73012. Thank you!

  7. Michelle Christesnen
    Michelle Christesnen says:

    I am the library Tech for a very small school, with a limited budget in Oregon and we are always looking for a way to get our kids to read, they adore bookmarks. We have 250 students, so if you could send us some bookmarks I know our kids would love them and appreciate them.

    Thank you so much,
    Library Tech
    Lundy Elementary
    45 S Moss St
    Lowell, OR 97452

  8. La Tasha Miree
    La Tasha Miree says:

    Hello, I am a preschool teacher, getting students ready to fall in love with reading we would love 250 bookmarks
    14321 Detroit Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107

  9. Donna Fricault
    Donna Fricault says:

    Good Morning I am a grandmother volunteer for the school library in my granddaughters elementary school. I have enjoyed giving out bookmarks to the children and they love to receive them. I would appreciate receiving 300 bookmarks if that is possible. Thank you so very much.
    36 Tuttle Rd
    Sterling Ma 01564

  10. Trudi Irby
    Trudi Irby says:

    I am the librarian at Beekman Charter School with students in grades PK-10. We would love to promote reading by handing out 400 bookmarks!! Thank you for your consideration!
    15190 A.M. Baker Road
    Bastrop, LA 71220

  11. jeff
    jeff says:

    I would like 500 bookmarks for my kids here at Fletcher Dr. Elementary in Los Angeles, CA. I am the Librarian here and they always ask if I have any bookmarks to give. Thank you very much!

  12. Deb Bengtson
    Deb Bengtson says:

    Please send us 700 bookmarks and the Saltwater Taffy package to: Greenacres Elem. 405 Jackson Ave., Greenacres, FL 33463. Thanks!

  13. Donna Garcia-River-Heights Intermediate
    Donna Garcia-River-Heights Intermediate says:

    I’m a middle school librarian and with the new common core standards coming into place we are getting a lot more students coming into the library and the students love the bookmarks. It helps them get a good feel about coming to the library and getting a fun bookmark! I have 1300 students here but what ever you can send would be greatly appreciated!

    Our address is 7227 Scholar Way Corona, California 92880-9212

  14. Catherine Sanchez
    Catherine Sanchez says:

    I would like to get 700 bookmarks for the students at Monte Vista Elementary School. They love reading and I’m sure they will love your bookmarks, too. We are located at 5423 Monte Vista St. Los Angeles, California 90042-3322. Thank you for your support!

  15. Allison Silva
    Allison Silva says:

    I would love to have 1000 free bookmarks to promote reading at my school.

    Allison Silva
    England High School
    501 Pine Bluff Hwy
    England, AR 72046

  16. Patty
    Patty says:

    Can you please send free bookmarks for our elementary school library! please send 400 bookmarks! please send to my address. Thank You!
    429 Elm Ave
    Pitman. NJ 08071

  17. Paula Muller
    Paula Muller says:

    I am the clerk who works as the schools librarian also and we are in need of book marks for our students. They love to read and love to get a bookmark. It makes them feel so special. We are located at:

    Pasadena Avenue Elementary
    4330 Pasadena Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95821

    Thank you much!
    Paula Muller

  18. Cherri Massender
    Cherri Massender says:

    I am a librarian at Shiloh Hills Elementary and would love to have 500 bookmarks for our students.
    Cherri Massender

  19. Jodi Jarvis
    Jodi Jarvis says:

    I am requesting the free bookmarks for my students. I run the school library at
    Twin City Elementary School
    162 Parrish Pond Rd – P O Box 280
    Twin City, GA 30471

    We would love to have 400 bookmarks for our students, as well as one packet with the book. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Ms. Jodi – School Librarian

  20. Jeanette Ray 68th Elem. School 612 W. 68th St. Los Angeles, CA 90044
    Jeanette Ray 68th Elem. School 612 W. 68th St. Los Angeles, CA 90044 says:

    I’m the librarian at 68th Elem. School and would love to receive bookmarks for my students.
    If at all possible please send 400 bookmarks. Thank you so very much.
    68th Street Elementary School
    612 W. 68th Street
    Los Angeles, California 90044

  21. michelle
    michelle says:

    I am a volunteer librarian. I am requesting 550 bookmarks. The Students at South Shores would really appreciate it! 826 w. 1 st. San Pedro, Ca 90731


  22. Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson says:

    I am a librarian aide. The students at Fremont School would love these bookmarks, please send 700 to Fremont Intermediate School
    Attn: Laura Johnson
    28754 N. Fremont Center Road
    Mundelein, IL 60060

    Thank you so much!

  23. Carmela Luiz
    Carmela Luiz says:

    I am the library media specialist at Christa McAuliffe Middle School located in Stockton, California. 989 students attend our school. Our school’s library circulation is more than 30,000 books annually! We would love to receive the bookmarks! Thank you so much!
    Mrs. Carmela Luiz
    3880 Iron Canyon Circle
    Stockton, CA 95209

  24. Robin Smith
    Robin Smith says:

    Please send bookmarks our way we are a middle school in Kemp, Texas and have about 350 kiddos. We are on a limited budget any help will be appreciated.

    Robin Smith

  25. Jessica Case
    Jessica Case says:

    I am a library assistant at Marshall Elementary. I am requesting 800 bookmarks
    Please send to:
    Tasha James
    24505 Birnam Wood Blvd
    Spring, TX 77373

  26. Dianne Mattila
    Dianne Mattila says:

    We would love some bookmarks! I am a librarian and we have about 300 students.
    Thank you!

    Dianne Mattila
    Newman Elementary
    605 S Billings Blv
    Billings, MT

  27. Shannon D. Dolgos
    Shannon D. Dolgos says:

    I am the Branch Manager of the Star Public Library. I would love 500 bookmarks for the patrons my library.

    Please send to:
    Shannon D. Dolgos, Branch Manager
    Star Library
    Star, NC 27356

  28. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hello. Our library would LOVE to have some FREE bookmarks. We are very budget restricted, as all libraries are and we just do not have funds to purchase much needed bookmarks. We could use all you can send us. Thank you for your consideration.

    Diane Whiting
    Emily Taber Public Library
    14 West McIver Avenue
    MacClenny FL 32063

  29. Jennifer Beach
    Jennifer Beach says:

    I am a Media Specialist at Graceville Elementary – Please send 350 bookmarks
    Thank you sooooo much!
    Jennifer Beach
    Graceville Elementary
    5331 Alabama St
    Graceville, Fl 32440

  30. Lea Salinas
    Lea Salinas says:

    We have 900 students and would love some free bookmarks:)
    Davis 9th Grade School
    Aldine ISD
    12211 Ella Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77067

  31. Vickie Lowe
    Vickie Lowe says:

    I would love to receive some free bookmarks for our students. We have about 250 students.
    My mailing address is: Vickie Lowe
    c/o Bryson ISD
    309 McCloud St.
    Bryson, TX 76427

  32. Christy Banks
    Christy Banks says:

    I am the Media Specialist at John G. Carlisle Elementary School, I would love 550 bookmarks to share with my students.
    John G. Elementary
    910 Holman Ave
    Covington, KY 41011

  33. Janice Coates
    Janice Coates says:

    I would love to have free bookmarks to share with my students! We have 300 students.
    Janice Coates, Librarian
    Richmond County Intermediate School
    13027 Historyland Highway
    Warsaw, VA 22572

  34. Laurie Anderson
    Laurie Anderson says:

    I am a Librarian at a year round elementary school. We have about 1400 students. They love to have promotional bookmarks. It’s been several years since I have received any so I searched the web and found you. I know its alot to ask for but any you can send would be so appreciated. Thank you!
    Laurie Anderson, Eastvale Elementary, 13031 Orange St., Corona, CA 92880

  35. Stephen J. Snyder
    Stephen J. Snyder says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I’m both a substitute teacher for five school districts and an intermediate unit and a part-time library clerk. I’m trying to assist my small rural library in obtaining much need library supplies. May I have an order of your bookmarks sent to:

    Stephen J. Snyder
    Franklin Public Library
    421 Twelfth Street
    Franklin, PA 16323

    Thank you for time and consideration.


    Stephen J. Snyder

  36. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    We would LOVE some bookmarks at our school in Oak Park, Illinois. We have about 500 students at our elementary school (K-5). We would appreciate any that you can send.


    Abraham Lincoln
    1111 S. Grove
    Oak Park, Il 60304
    Attn: Media Center

  37. Suzanne Jackson
    Suzanne Jackson says:

    I am the teacher/librarian for Holland Elementary. I am requesting 300 bookmarks. Thank you for offering them. Our address is: H. I. Holland Elementary at Lisbon
    % Suzanne Jackson
    4203 S. Lancaster Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75216

  38. Betty Solomon
    Betty Solomon says:

    I am an elementary school librarian and would love to give my students your bookmarks. I have 500 students and would appreciate any amount you can send.
    Thank you!

    Betty Solomon
    Purple Sage Elementary School
    25709 El Paso Rd.
    Caldwell, ID 83607

  39. Sandra Barth
    Sandra Barth says:

    I am the librarian at Wilhelm Elementary School. We have 700 students and they love promotional bookmarks. I am hoping that is not to many bookmarks to ask for.
    Wilhelm Elementary School
    609 W. Alexander Rd.
    No. Las Vegas, NV 89031


  40. Kristen Knecht
    Kristen Knecht says:

    I’m the tween librarian at the Pocono Mountain Public Library in Tobyhanna, PA. We would love about 50 bookmarks to share with our tweens!
    Our address is 5500 Municipal Drive Tobyhanna, PA 18466
    Thank you!

  41. Tracy Lech
    Tracy Lech says:

    I am a middle school librarian. I would love to have 1064 copies to give one to each student.
    tracy Lech
    Teacher Librarian
    Loma Vista Middle School
    11050 Arlington Ave
    Riverside, CA 92505

  42. Carolyn Powell
    Carolyn Powell says:

    Our students would love these bookmarks. We are a Title I school which means the students here are at the poverty level.

    North Fork Elementary School
    101 NW 15 Ave
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

  43. Kelli Kohrherr
    Kelli Kohrherr says:

    If you are still giving bookmarks away, please send 600 to my students at:
    Frnaklin School Library
    95 Caldwell Avenue
    Saddle Brook, NJ 07663


  44. Steffani Verduin
    Steffani Verduin says:

    I am the Education Coordinator at our school. I am requesting bookmarks to be sent home with our students. I would like to request 150. Thank you.

    Steffani Verduin
    Education Coordinator
    1024 N. Milton Ave
    Springfield, IL 62702

  45. Shawnta Leftwich
    Shawnta Leftwich says:

    I am requesting bookmarks for my school. I am the school counselor and am assisting with a literacy night. 100 bookmarks will suffice.
    Glenn Dale Elementary School
    6700 Glenn Dale Road
    Glenn Dale, MD 20769

    Thank you, I appreciate it very much! The book looks great, I will also see if we can get this in our library!

  46. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    I am a middle school librarian in Weiser, ID. I would love some FREE bookmarks!!
    Weiser Middle School
    320 E. Galloway
    Weiser, ID 83672

  47. Julie Wilhoit
    Julie Wilhoit says:

    I need 600 bookmarks for our library.
    Please send to:

    Coulston Elementary School
    121 Knightstown Road
    Shelbyville IN 46176

  48. Lori Bell
    Lori Bell says:

    Please send 900 bookmarks to Stacey Middle School, 6311 Larchwood Drive, Huntington Beach, Ca 92647. our students will be forever grateful:)

    Thank you,
    Lori Bell
    Stacey Middle School Library

  49. Deirdre Taylor
    Deirdre Taylor says:

    I am a middle school librarian and I would love 800 bookmarks for my students.
    Deirdre Taylor
    Rodriguez Prep Academy
    1985 N Guthrie St
    San Bernardino, CA 92404

    Thank You!

  50. Linda Rugato
    Linda Rugato says:

    Our children love bookmarks. Can you please send us some?
    We are an elementary school with 500 children.

    Summer Street School
    265 Summer Street
    Lynnfield, MA 01940

    Thank you,
    Linda Rugato

  51. Mr. Michael Larson
    Mr. Michael Larson says:


    I am requesting as many bookmarks as you are willing to send. The kids LOVE them!

    Jane Long Middle School
    c/o Mr. Michael Larson-School Librarian
    1106 N. Harvey Mitchell Pkwy
    Bryan, TX 77803

  52. Amiee Marshall
    Amiee Marshall says:

    I work for the public library sytem and the children in the area love bookmarks. If possible, can you please send me 200 bookmarks. Thank you so much. Here is my address:

    Citrus County Library System
    Lakes Region Library
    Amiee Marshall
    1511 Druid Rd
    Inverness, FL 34452

  53. Cynara Nelson
    Cynara Nelson says:

    I am requesting 300 bookmarks for my library.

    Nola Brantley Memorial Library
    721 Watson Blvd
    Warner Robins GA 31093

    Thank You

  54. Miss Carmina Garcia
    Miss Carmina Garcia says:

    We would love to recieve bookmarks! Here at Rowland we are diligent readers and want to continue motivating our students to Read, Read, Read!!! We have about 400 students but any amount sent will be appreciated.

    212 Covina Blvd
    La Puente, ca 91746

    Thank you,
    Miss. Carmina Garcia

  55. Susan Thompson
    Susan Thompson says:

    I am the school librarian at an elementary school. I would love to promote reading and your books by offering free bookmarks to my students. We have had some from other companies in the past and students really do request the books that are promoted on the bookmarks. We have about 600 students. The address is…
    Benjamin Martin Elementary School
    Attn: Susan Thompson
    430 N. Reilly Road
    Fayetteville NC

  56. Molly Brown
    Molly Brown says:


    I would love 800 bookmarks for our Middle School!

    Molly Brown
    Library Media Tech
    36 Washington St
    Novato, CA 94947

  57. Kate VassarGeise District Library-Media Specialist, Sun River Valley Schools
    Kate VassarGeise District Library-Media Specialist, Sun River Valley Schools says:

    I would like to order enough bookmarks to give one each to approximately 250 students.

    My address is:
    Kate VassarGeise
    Fort Shaw Elementary School Library
    1 School Loop Road
    Fort Shaw, MT 59443 Thank you!

  58. Diana Figueredo
    Diana Figueredo says:

    I would love to receive 1,000 bookmarks for the Little Free Libraries in our town.

    Thank you,

    Diana Figueredo
    LFL Coordinator.
    3215 Tupelo Cir
    Ames, IA

  59. Steve Willis
    Steve Willis says:

    If you still have bookmarks remaining, I would appreciate some for our students. I work in a school library within a hospital. Our school operates to keep students caught up with their local schoolwork while hospitalized during treatment. We can use all the help we can get. I currently have about 165 students enrolled. Thanks so much!

    Steve Willis, school librarian
    Peace Academy
    2020 Newburg Rd.
    Louisville, KY 40205

  60. Linda Thompson
    Linda Thompson says:

    I work at a PreK-6 school in Lewiston, ME. I would like 800 bookmarks please:

    Linda Thompson
    c/o Montello Elementary Library
    407 East Ave.
    Lewiston, ME 04240

    Thank you!

  61. LaVon Winslow
    LaVon Winslow says:

    I am the library clerk for Esperanza Elementary School in Palmdale, CA and my students would love some bookmarks. 🙂
    Thank you!
    LaVon Winslow
    Library Clerk
    40521 35th Street West
    Palmdale, CA 95551
    (661) 575-0421

  62. Elizabeth R. Colombo
    Elizabeth R. Colombo says:

    If you can spare 500 bookmarks we would love, love, love to have them. We are currently out of bookmarks and can’t afford to buy them. Our kids summer reading program starts June 17 and it would be fantastic to have bookmarks to offer them. Thank you so much. Liz Colombo
    Reference Librarian
    Hazel Park Memorial Library

  63. Jennifer Kastner
    Jennifer Kastner says:

    Hi! I am beginning my journey this fall as a library media specialist at Walker Elementary School. I would love some bookmarks for my kiddos. We have roughly 400 students. I hear from the past librarian that the students go through them rather quickly. So here’s to hoping this means that they are just vivacious readers!
    Please send bookmarks to:
    Jennifer Kastner
    Walker Elementary School
    1250 Humes Lane
    Florissant, Mo 63031
    Thank you so very much!!!

  64. Michelle Masterfs
    Michelle Masterfs says:

    Our charity Merny’s Angels is an advocate for getting children to read. We do stockings at Christmas time and put in bookmarks. 400 are needed this year as we are getting ready for our annual stocking stuffing. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Michelle Masters
    3740 Tait Terrace
    Norfolk, VA 23513

  65. Wendy Ritter
    Wendy Ritter says:

    I would appreciate 300 bookmarks if you have enough.

    Wendy Ritter
    St. Catherine’s Catholic School
    747 S. Franklin Street
    Sebring, Fl 33870

  66. Debra Lee
    Debra Lee says:

    Our school has around 850 students. If possible I would love to get bookmarks for the media center, I am the media aide.

    Debra Lee
    Brookside Middle
    Media Center
    3636 Shade Ave.
    Sarasota Fl 34239

  67. Lori James
    Lori James says:

    I run the elementary library in Indiana. I wiould like 500 bookmarks for the students.

    Please send to:
    Morgan Elementary School
    c/o/ Lori James
    12225 Old State Road 135 NE
    Palmyra, IN 47164

    Thank you!

  68. cindy huston
    cindy huston says:

    I am the Librarian at Sullivan Middle School, could we get 500 bookmarks please.

    415 W. Frakes Street
    Sullivan, IN 47882

  69. Karen Hollowell
    Karen Hollowell says:

    Hello. I am the new librarian at my school. If you are still sending bookmarks to schools, I would appreciate some. Any amount is appreciated. We have approximately students. Thanks.

    Vidalia Upper Elementary/Library
    Attn: K. Hollowell
    1 Concordia Ave
    Vidalia, La 71373

  70. Amy Shadix
    Amy Shadix says:

    Eastside Elementary would love to have 500 bookmarks! Thanks!

    ESES/ Amy Shadix
    8266 Connally Drive
    Douglasville, GA 30134

  71. Amber Hoeflinger
    Amber Hoeflinger says:

    I am a librarian at Altar Valley Middle School in Tucson, AZ. Can you please send about 400 bookmarks? The kids will be forever grateful!

  72. Amber Hoeflinger
    Amber Hoeflinger says:

    I forgot to leave the address to the school..LOL

    Altar Valley Middle School
    Amber Hoeflinger
    16350 W. Ajo HWY
    Tucson, AZ 85736

  73. Yoli Moss
    Yoli Moss says:

    Kamala School library would love to have 1,000 bookmarks but if that is too many, we will take whatever you can spare.

    Kamala School
    c/o Yoli Moss-Library Media Tech
    634 West Kamala St.
    Oxnard, CA 93033

  74. Leigh Dutton
    Leigh Dutton says:

    I would love for you to send my school free bookmarks for our students! I am the librarian for both elementary and jr/hs. Please send 500 bookmarks! Thank you and God Bless!

    Anton ISD
    Leigh Dutton
    PO Box 309
    100 Ellwood
    Anton, Tx 79313

  75. Matt Penn
    Matt Penn says:

    Can you please send 500 bookmarks to:
    Middleton High School
    4801 N. 22nd Street
    Tampa, FL 33610
    I will pay for postage as per your request.
    Thank you,
    Matt Penn, Media Specialist Middleton high school

  76. Kimball Crum
    Kimball Crum says:

    I am a librarian at 2 schools k-2 and 3-5. I could use 1000 bookmarks.

    Kimball Crum
    West Elementary
    403 West Fite Street
    Park Hills, MO 63601

  77. Donna McLean
    Donna McLean says:

    We are going to St. Jude Childrens hospital in June and are trying to get 800 to 1000 bookmarks to go into Goody bags for the patients. Please let me know if you can help us.
    Donna McLean
    2674 Edgewood Rd.
    Newbern, Tennessee 38059

  78. Lynne Harward
    Lynne Harward says:

    We are a rural middle school with approximately 49% of our population receiving free or reduced lunch. Could you please send us 425 book marks for our school library? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Lynne Harward, MLS
    Crain’s Creek Middle School
    4631 Union Church Road
    Carthage, NC 28327

  79. Franca Wilson
    Franca Wilson says:

    Hi, I’m the librarian at the Michael J. Petrides School in Staten Island, NY. We are a Pre-K – 12 public school with approx. 1400 students. I would like to request 500 of your bookmarks please!

    The Michael J. Petrides School
    715 Ocean Terrace
    Building B
    Staten Island, NY 10306
    Attn: Franca Wilson

  80. Laura Ogaard
    Laura Ogaard says:

    I am the school librarian at Forest Hill Elementary in Forest Hill, LA. I read all summer to look for new books for my students. This will be a great way for them to see the new books that are out there. Please send bookmarks to my school: 15 HWY 497, Forest Hill, LA 71430. We will love anything that you can send us.
    Thank you,
    Laura Ogaard

  81. Colleen Murphy
    Colleen Murphy says:

    I am a Library Aide and I would love to receive free bookmarks for my middle school students. We have an enrollment of approximately 1000 students.
    Please send to:
    Shadow Hills Intermediate School Library
    Atten: Colleen Murphy
    37315 60th St. W.
    Palmdale, California 93552

  82. Dr. Kevin Ballard
    Dr. Kevin Ballard says:

    I am the Library Media Specialist at Lakewood School. Out school is a school has 900 students. I am trying to promote a love of reading for knowledge and leisure. I would love to share your bookmarks with our students. Thank you for your consideration!

    Dr. Kevin Ballard
    Lakewood School
    1651 Ravine Lane
    Carpentersville, IL 60110

  83. Spencer Teri
    Spencer Teri says:

    These are fantastic bookmarks. My 8 year old daughter and Inhave just hand built and installed a “little free library” and would LOVE to be able to give these away to our patrons.

    If this is still an active offer for bookmarks, please, please send us as many as you deem appropriate to:
    Bailey’s Little Free Library
    4501 e Seneca
    Tucson, AZ

    Many thanks in advance!!!

  84. Pat
    Pat says:

    I work in elementary school library and would love some free bookmarks. 500 would be wonderful but I will take what I can get. This is my first year and I have nothing!
    Deer Creek Elementary
    805 S. Crowley, Texas 67036

  85. Wendy R Velez
    Wendy R Velez says:

    Hi, I am the school librarian at Marcellus Middle/High school where we have 340 students enrolled. I have had many of the new 7th graders asking for bookmarks. If you offer is still good, I would love to share your bookmarks with our students.
    Thank you!!
    Wendy Velez
    303 W. Arbor Street
    Marcellus, MI 49067

  86. Laura Mewes
    Laura Mewes says:

    Hello! Our little school would love to have some of these bookmarks if you still have them.

    Chisholm Trail Elementary School
    Attn: Laura Mewes
    6015 Independence
    Park City, KS 67219

    Thank you in advance!

  87. Jane Watson
    Jane Watson says:

    I would like 200 bookmarks for my students. How much should I send – and where should I send it – to cover postage? Thanks! Jane

  88. Sylvia Solis
    Sylvia Solis says:

    Hi would love a set of bookmarks for my daughter’s class. Thank you!
    Sylvia Solis
    12205 Goshen Rd. Lot 22
    Salem, OH 44460

  89. Lisa Pavilionis
    Lisa Pavilionis says:

    Hello, We would love some bookmarks for the Clara Barton Elementary School Library! We have approximately 500 students. Please let me know how much postage is.

    Thank you!

  90. Donna Nichols
    Donna Nichols says:

    My kids at school love book marks! If you can send us some we would very much appreciate it!
    Kimper Elementary School
    C/O Donna Nichols
    8151 State Hwy. 194 E.
    Kimper, KY 41539

    Thank You!!!

  91. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I would like to request free bookmarks please. Our Fifth grade is starting a new reading program with tons of books. We need 400 please. Thank you!

  92. Nora Lucero
    Nora Lucero says:

    Are the bookmarks still available? We have 600 students and would love to receive bookmarks.
    Coyote Canyon Ele.
    7889 Elm Street
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730
    Please advise as to how and where to pay for postage.
    Thank you.


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