The Problem With Education: Coaching Salaries

Problem with EducationThe Problem With Education: Coaching Salaries

A big problem with education can be seen when Oregon Ducks Football Coach, Chip Kelly, signs a 6 year contract extension worth…get this…$20.5 million dollars.  Now, look…I have nothing against a guy making as much money as he possibly can, but this insanity has GOT TO STOP.  As our educational system continues to crumble, we need to give some of his paycheck to say, I don’t know, maybe some of our middle school teachers.  This discrepancy of funding is a big problem with education and our system as a whole.

We all know that collegiate sports and subsequent ticket sales bring a university money for their ever-shrinking budgets, but is one person worth that much money?  If the players aren’t paid, how can we justify paying…

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