MIDDLE GRADE FICTION: The Giveaway Continues

Middle grade fictionMIDDLE GRADE FICTION:

The middle grade fiction giveaway continues.  With the help of a great friend, the Saltwater Taffy continues to find its way into the hands of homeless children this holiday season.  Beyond Shelter is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that combats poverty and homelessness among families with children.

If you would like to help Beyond Shelter, you can visit their website or call Ofer Raveh (323) 445-7322.  Always remember, each moment is another opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life…especially a child’s life!

Saltwater TaffySaltwater Taffy
















Saltwater Taffy has been endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country and is rapidly becoming a children’s book club favorite.  You can find the book at any bookstore on the planet as well as upload a copy to your favorite eBook Reader.




Saltwater TaffyMIDDLE GRADE FICTION: Mine Your Mind!

Middle Grade Fiction is a term I use for the inability for a child’s mind to trick them into believing they are anything but AMAZING.  In Saltwater Taffy, we remind them they are indeed amazing.

There’s no other way to put it, so I will just come out and say it.  When you’re inside your middle grade fiction mind, everything begins and ends with your thoughts.  Thoughts can be like treasure maps, or thoughts by way of nightmares, fully realized.  It is up to you.  This is why it is so important to mine your mind for thoughts that make you happy.

This is the greatest discovery anyone can make, and if you can do it while you’re in middle school, the sky is the limit.  I mean, seriously, imagine that a single thought has the capacity to change your life.  Doesn’t that sound cool?

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The Snowball Express is an amazing event for children every holiday season.  Today we loaded up 1000 copies of Saltwater Taffy onto a plane for the children of fallen American heros in the war.  This wonderful program came through our friend Gary Sinese from CSI: New York.  I think each and every one of us has had a bad day here or there, but can you imagine what it must feel like to learn that you’ve lost a parent in the war?  Hopefully this holiday season, Saltwater Taffy will bring a smile to the 1000 children in Dallas tonight for the Snowball Express Gala.  Please visit their site and help however you can.




Saltwater Taffy’s middle grade fiction book giveaway now underway!  I have 2500 books loaded into an RV and close to 400 miles to go.  Oh, and did I tell you that it’s 17 degrees every single morning in the south.

On the middle grade fiction adventure, I was able to hit 4 Boys & Girls Clubs…the Headquarters for Big Brother/Big Sister of Middle Tennessee…mailed 2 boxes to Harlem Children’s Zone and SEED of Washington D.C.Tennessee School for the Deaf…3 area Middle Schools…a Children’s Hospital…and the United Way of Tennessee (who are going to feature the book as their Education Program in January)….you can say that I’m about to drop, but many lives have been touched.  Here are some photos from the road and the wonderful experience of giving.

Saltwater Taffy Saltwater Taffy