A middle grade fiction mind is a mind that can either create good ideas, or pick up bad ideas about who you want to be in life.  It’s not enough to have a great idea, you have to find a way to UNLEASH that gift onto the world.

Imagine if we live our lives from a place where we all begin to share our gifts with the rest of the world?  Imagine living a life that is filled with so much adventure, we can’t wait to begin each new day.

When I get to document how I feel about life and then share it with fans of Saltwater Taffy, affectionately referred to Taffy Heads, I feel as if I’m lifting off.  It reminds me there is something truly amazing about being a Middle Grade Fiction author during the rapidly changing landscape of education and esteem.  Have you noticed how many people around the world are not only wanting a better life, they are demanding it.   While touring in support of Saltwater Taffy, I have met some amazing…

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MIDDLE GRADE FICTION: Children’s Book Tour

children's book tourMIDDLE GRADE FICTION: Children’s Book Tour

A Children’s book tour can be so taxing, I am not sure how Teachers do it day in and day out.  Children are amazing, but wow…I’m exhausted from the tour.  It’s 4:18 pm on Presidents Day and I’m in bed.  Not because i’m sick, and not because I’m…whatever.  It’s because I am FINALLY HOME…at least for 4 days.

Looking at the run from December and the Big Giveaway to the Southern California Writer’s Conference Key Note last night….I am T-I-R-E -WHOOPED.  See, you thought I was going to write, TIRED, didn’t you.  I’m not tired, I’m whooped.  16 cities and 1000’s of kids.  As far east to Nashville, south to New Orleans, and North to Seattle.  On this leg of the Saltwater Taffy Children’s Book Tour, Largest Assembly was 400 middle school kids.  One mic, one author and 400 kids in one auditorium?  It was awesome.  When you book your children’s book tour, make sure to pencil in some time for you to do simply NOTHING.  It will help, trust me.  Lesson learned.

MIDDLE GRADE FICTION: You Have To Really Want It!

Middle Grade FictionMiddle Grade Fiction: You Have to Really Want It

Writing a Middle Grade Fiction novel has taught me many things, but the one thing it’s really taught me is that you have to really want it.  After 7 cities and a grueling 14-day tour that took me as far as the Big Easy of New Orleans, Louisiana, I am back on the road of adventure that will make Saltwater Taffy a best selling book for Tweens.

We have had some amazing things happen at the Saltwater Taffy Network as of late, most of which will be a mention in the upcoming issue of Scholastic Instructor Magazine, hitting shelves in May.  Yes, that is HUGE for an independent book, but as one Teacher of the Year remind me in an email, ‘it is not a surprise.’   Read more