Jim Carrey’s New Book ‘How Roland Rolls’

rob nasonJim Carrey’s New Book ‘How Roland Rolls’

Actor Jim Carrey is one smart funny man, if you ask me.  After he was given a copy of Saltwater Taffy by John Raatz, What The Bleep Producer and founding partner of GATE (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment), he quickly fell in love with the amazing talents of our illustrator, Rob Nason.

After an introduction conference call with John and Rob, Rob met Jim Carrey via Skype and the two were off to the races with Jim’s new book, How Roland Rolls.  How Roland Rolls is a story about a wave named Roland who’s afraid that, one day, when he hits the beach, his life will be over.  But when he gets deep, he’s struck by the notion that he’s not just a wave — he’s the whole big, wide open ocean!  This amazing story of oneness simply illustrates the notion that we are all in this thing called life…together.



There is a secret to feeling great and that secret is this: it’s all in your head.  When you say nice things to yourself about yourself, you will feel the amazing energy of confidence, which is one of the main reasons I wrote the now award-winning adventure novel Saltwater Taffy.

Through the story of adventure, I am able to showcase how great life is when you have confidence about who you are.  The more we learn how to talk nice to ourselves ABOUT ourselves, the happier we will eventually become.

When we talk to ourself in a kind and loving manner, we are developing one of the strongest mental muscles… Read more

TWEEN ADVICE: How Saweet is it?

tween adviceTWEEN ADVICE: How Saweet is it?

Here’s some tween advice to make your adventure more SAWEET!  If you’re a fan of the award-winning adventure novel for children called  Saltwater Taffy, by now you know how much we love to say SAWEET about anything and everything.

The question you probably have is ‘how does this fit in as advice to you for becoming a thriving TWEEN?’  Well, here’s my tween advice;

the SAWEETER you talk to yourself, the SAWEETER your life will get.  

Some of you tough guy tween boys might…

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AS GREAT AS YOU WANT TO BE: Yes, it’s a mental practice!

Saltwater TaffyAS GREAT AS YOU WANT TO BE: Yes, It’s a mental practice!

Saltwater Taffy reminds us that feeling good about yourself it is a mental practice.

Have you ever notice moments in life where you feel really excited about who you are?  You know those moments where you feel really connected, filled with direction and have an overwhelmingly high sense of self-assuredness?   The reason these moments arrive in our lives is so we can realize how… Read more