AS GREAT AS YOU WANT TO BE: Yes, it’s a mental practice!

Saltwater TaffyAS GREAT AS YOU WANT TO BE: Yes, It’s a mental practice!

Saltwater Taffy reminds us that feeling good about yourself it is a mental practice.

Have you ever notice moments in life where you feel really excited about who you are?  You know those moments where you feel really connected, filled with direction and have an overwhelmingly high sense of self-assuredness?   The reason these moments arrive in our lives is so we can realize how……amazing we actually are.  This mental practice is an amazing tool as we continue to grow up.  Unfortunately, when we are in our ‘tween-age‘ years, these amazing thoughts of greatness are fleeting.  Before we know it, we haul ourselves back into the insecure flux of worry, doubt and fear.  You aren’t alone, because adults have this ‘dis-ability’ too.  I, for one, have spent years of my life wasting away with a diet of low-octane thoughts.  Not only can a diet like this make you sick, but it can waste YEARS of your life.

The question I now have is why?  Why did I waste so much time trying to ‘fit in’ with the crowd and become ‘accepted’ by everyone else?  If we are looking for acceptance, we must not look any further than the person looking back at us in the mirror.  Seriously, why, if we feel so good about ourselves, do we turn our backs on feelings of greatness and check back into the ‘bummed-out hotel’ because something didn’t go our way or someone said something mean to us.  While you might care about what other people think about you, the only thing you should care about is how YOU feel about YOU.  Period.

We have a response-ability to our future to never go to a place where we feel less than because greatness is at hand…ALWAYS.  Greatness is ALWAYS at work on our behalf.  Greatness is always showing us, guiding us, lifting us up, as it were, to something that is always available to us.  Love.

When we feel really good about who we are, we are simply tapping into the ‘frequency’ of love.  While some might think this is ‘woo-woo’ thinking, it is not.  It is the truth about who we are.  Love is like a compass that continues to guide us back to feelings of:

‘I’m okay.’

The vibrational frequency of love NEVER, EVER, EVER goes anywhere.  It’s as certain as the sun will rise in the morning and as certain as 2+2=4.  The only thing that moves in and out of love is the human being.  Something doesn’t go our way and we become mad.  Someone says something mean about us or doesn’t like us and we become bummed out.

So, how do we steer clear of this roller coaster ride of being in LOVE one minute and BUMMED OUT the next?


It is our duty to practice feeling good about who we are, moment by moment.  If our thoughts, words and actions become fractured and we forget about the miracle of who and what we are, we are to remind ourselves that love is at hand…always.   Sure, it can be hard to remember love when the ‘yogurt hits the fan’ in life, but this is why it is called practice.

The older we get, and more ‘in practice’ we are with feeling good about ourselves (which is love), the more likely we are to live a life of LOVE.   As we begin to reprogram our minds (by tuning into the notion that we are AMAZING), we begin to see life as the grand adventure that it is and not some burden we must endure.

The adventure I’m talking about is a place that is void of any thought that has tricked us into thinking that we are ‘less than.’  What do I mean by “less than?”  Less than is a thought that comes from a place of low self-esteem and wastes our time mentally attacking others or feeling like someone is to blame for our lot in life.  The more time we spend blaming, shaming and ‘gaming’, the more time we spend OUT OF LOVE.

The life before us can boiled down to this simple little idea: we are here to learn, understand, develop, and unfold in to the person we are yet to be.  That person is someone who is a living example of LOVE.  When we are in love…and in sync with love…we are not only amazing, but the coolest person on the planet.  Or, as the kids say in Saltwater Taffy, we are ‘SUPER COOL.’

Eric “Uncle E” DelaBarre is an award winning filmmaker and the author of Saltwater Taffy. Copyright August 31, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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