CHANGE: A Roadblock or Path To Greatness?

Saltwater TaffyCHANGE: A Roadblock or Path To Greatness?

Why are we so afraid of change? Is it because we are worried about what other people might think of us if we change and let go of our ‘old self?’  Change, which can also be referred to as GROWING UP, can be a road block or a path to greatness.  What happens next is up to each and every one of us.Let us not forget that in order for us to capture our innermost desires and dreams, we must indeed change.  Let us not forget that change is good because when we ‘change’ where are giving into the power of our own greatness and essentially ‘growing up’ in the process.

“I’ve never written a children’s book before, what makes me think I can do it now?”

When I first sat down to write Saltwater Taffy, my ego tried to trick me into a fear of change, even though I have always had a dream of writing an adventure novel that might inspire kids to leave behind the fear, doubt and worry of growing up.

How did I get out of this mental roadblock and actually find the power to write a children’s book like Saltwater Taffy?  I did it by listening to my thoughts which told me I could do it and NOT my thoughts of self-defeat or fear of change.

Why is it easier for us to believe a self-defeating thought than it is for us to believe in a thought where we are not only going after our dreams, but capturing those dreams as well?  I have always dreamed of making a movie about kids on a treasure hunt and now that dream is one step closer with writing the book version of Saltwater Taffy.

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you’re on vacation…or on a picnic with friends/family…or maybe when you were on a hike where you were filled with the possibilities of what you cold do and not disabilities of what you couldn’t do?  These unstoppable feelings are the feelings we need to use whenever we feel we can’t do something or when we are afraid to change.

Fate is what happens to us, but our destiny is what we do when life presents the possibility to change and become more of the person we are meant to be.

We should never allow our destiny to become muddled down with bad mental habits that trick us into remaining the same.  The very meaning of life is to change and grow! This is why we are to celebrate our greatness by following our heart’s desire.  When we do that, we are actually LIVING our dreams, not DREAMING about our dreams.

Eric DelaBarre is an award-winning filmmaker and author of the tween adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy.  Copyright May 7, 2012

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