I just received the most amazing letter ever.  As an independent children’s book author, this is the kind of letter that makes all those moments of frustration of being a ‘little fish in a big publishing pond’ worth it.  This is the kind of letter that makes an author, a father, a husband, and a ‘I WILL NEVER QUIT’ publisher smile as big as the sun!  

I used to say to myself that if one child believed in themselves more than they did the day before I arrived, then my trip and all the money that goes into it was worth it.  To see that the message was loved by the entire school, well…these kids just made my decade!

This is the reason that I know our long journey of making Saltwater Taffy into a movie is not only a dream, but a necessity.  Children need inspiration and the motivation to believe in themselves now more than ever.  The fast food mentality of the world we now live in is teaching our kids to think the only things in life that matter are what kind of shoes you wear, what label of clothing you have, or what kind of car you drive makes you WHO you are.  They do not.  The thoughts we have about ourselves and our own opinions of ourselves make up WHO and WHAT we are.

Saltwater Taffy is dispelling the myths of fitting in and the pursuit of ‘being popular’ and inspiring young minds across the country!

Here is the most amazing letter ever!

Saltwater Taffy letter


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  1. Lindsay Deale
    Lindsay Deale says:

    Wow! As a pediatric nurse I can understand how meaningful comments such as these that confirm what you work so hard at, actually makes a difference. This letter actually brought tears to my eyes. What a great message/theme your book must have, and honestly I’m not sure how old this child was, but I’m even impressed with her writing skills (spelling, grammar, etc)! You’re daughter is going to be very proud of her dad when she’s old enough to see your work. As an adult, I’m an avid reader, but if it weren’t for my parents reading me so many excellent children’s books, I never would have learned to appreciate books the way I do (and I’d be a lot less intelligent too:-) Thank you for writing books that inspire kids to enjoy reading, a passion that most have abandoned to play video games and only read things that they see on a computer screen. To me, nothing can ever compare to reading an actual book, flipping pages, and getting so lost in the story you forget it isn’t real… Love to this child!!

  2. Eric DelaBarre
    Eric DelaBarre says:

    Hey Lindsay…thanks for the comment. Yes, you are right, every little bit helps get the word out to our young readers. When i left Law & Order, I made a vow to create things that uplift and inspire. It took a while to finally let go of the content that ‘the machine’ of Hollywood buys, but after 3 crime movies that perpetuate the cycle of murder and mayhem, I’m honored to be in service of our children and to help them leave behind thoughts of fear, doubt and worry. Please let me know when you have had a chance to add Saltwater Taffy to your reading pile and I would love to know what you thought. Best, E


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