The author visits to schools continue as we were in front of 575 kids in the last two days in Susanville, California.  We’re in town for the Lassen County LIT JAM Festival and have a total of 4 school visits in three days!  Talk about a working author.  Two more assemblies to go then it’s the Lassen County Lit Jam Festival at Diamond View Elementary School.  You can order Saltwater Taffy from your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or right here on Saltwater Taffy’s website.  The cool thing about ordering from the website is that Eric DelaBarre will personally sign your copy of the award-winning adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy.

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If your school would like to book Eric DelaBarre for school assemblies, Lit Jams, or anything to do with child literacy, please contact Riley Scott seven “AT” sevenpublishing DOT com.



I just received the most amazing letter ever.  As an independent children’s book author, this is the kind of letter that makes all those moments of frustration of being a ‘little fish in a big publishing pond’ worth it.  This is the kind of letter that makes an author, a father, a husband, and a ‘I WILL NEVER QUIT’ publisher smile as big as the sun!  

I used to say to myself that if one child believed in themselves more than they did the day before I arrived, then my trip and all the money that goes into it was worth it.  To see that the message was loved by the entire school, well…these kids just made my decade!

This is the reason that I know our long journey of making Saltwater Taffy into a movie is not only a dream, but a necessity.  Children need inspiration and the motivation to believe in themselves now more than ever.  The fast food mentality of the world we now live in is teaching our kids to think the only things in life that matter are what kind of shoes you wear, what label of clothing you have, or what kind of car you drive makes you WHO you are.  They do not.  The thoughts we have about ourselves and our own opinions of ourselves make up WHO and WHAT we are.

Saltwater Taffy is dispelling the myths of fitting in and the pursuit of ‘being popular’ and inspiring young minds across the country!

Here is the most amazing letter ever!

Saltwater Taffy letter




Children often wonder how to stop a bully.  Should they tell a teacher?  Should they tell their parents?  The bigger question is why kids bully in the first place.  I often wonder if we could stop the bullying before it starts by teaching our children to focus on something they love.

Yeah, I know…it sounds a little WOO-WOO to think love could be the secret to how to stop a bully, but you never know until you try.  I mean, could we ignite the hearts and minds of our children so much so that they can’t even recognize the impulse to bully another?

What started out as a book tour in support of Saltwater Taffy, where I have had the privilege of speaking to over 10,000 kids nationwide, the Saltwater Taffy Tour is not just another author trying to sell a book, but a movement of literacy and education, a movement of creativity and desire, and quite simply, Read more



There is a secret to feeling great and that secret is this: it’s all in your head.  When you say nice things to yourself about yourself, you will feel the amazing energy of confidence, which is one of the main reasons I wrote the now award-winning adventure novel Saltwater Taffy.

Through the story of adventure, I am able to showcase how great life is when you have confidence about who you are.  The more we learn how to talk nice to ourselves ABOUT ourselves, the happier we will eventually become.

When we talk to ourself in a kind and loving manner, we are developing one of the strongest mental muscles… Read more

INSPIRING KIDS with the Saltwater Taffy Book

INSPIRING KIDS with Saltwater Taffy Book

Saltwater taffy bookThe Saltwater Taffy book is more than just an award-winning adventure novel for tweens.  The book reminds kids they can accomplish anything in life!  More than just a book, the brand for Saltwater Taffy is a brand that has the potential to change the lives of children across the country!

While my Saltwater Taffy book visits are centered around the book, the cool think about my author visits is that I get to teach kids about their own potential.  When was the last time you heard of a middle grade fiction author visiting a school and talking to the students about their potential in life?

Sure, I want to sell as many Saltwater Taffy books as I can, but the real reason I do author visits is because I want to change the life of that one kid.  That one kid in back who thinks he or she isn’t good enough.  That one kid who thinks he or she will never amount to anything.  I’m here to show them how wrong they are.  I know they are wrong, because I was once that little kid sitting in the back of the room.  It’s no fun, trust me.  If I can shift a kid’s vision of their life towards one of adventure, which is why I wrote the Saltwater Taffy book in the first place, then my job is accomplished.

Here is a quick video from the road!

Inspiring Children with Saltwater Taffy