SWT 3D WHITESet during the 4th of July weekend and perfect for summer readingSaltwater Taffy follows the lives of five ‘tween-age’ friends as they embark on an epic journey of treasure hunting adventure and self-discovery.

“A perfect read for the summer.  A wonderful, fun-filled adventure for all ages.”

Sharon Andrews
Teacher of the Year

The adventure begins when the friends find a treasure map belonging to the great New Orleans pirate, Jean Lafitte.  The discovery thrusts them from one treasure-hunting Read more



Yes, we now have FREE BOOKMARKS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS and Children of all ages!  Make sure to include your school’s address in your email!!!!! These official bookmarks for the award-winning adventure novel Saltwater Taffy are FREE for elementary schools, children’s book clubs, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and any other place where kids gather across the country. The story of Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five tween-age friends as they uncover a treasure map leading to the lost treasure of Jean Lafitte.  Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is scheduled to go before cameras August, 2013 for a feature film release in 2014.  Read the adventure and then see the movie! Rapidly becoming a children’s book club favorite, Saltwater Taffy has been awarded two gold and two silver medal book awards.  The adventure novel is also an Accelerated Reader title where kids are awarded AR points for reading the book. Dubbed “Stand By Me” meets “The Goonies” by one of our Teachers of the Year, Saltwater Taffy not only entertains young readers, but also teaches them valuable life lessons along the way.  If you are looking for a new adventure novel for your children or students, Saltwater Taffy can be ordered from any bookstore in the world.  Saltwater Taffy is also available in the iTunes store and can be downloaded to any eReader ever made.  How cool is that!!!!! All that we ask is you handle the cost of postage, which is only $5….which is about the same price people spend on a cup of coffee these days!  



book kidsHOW TO CREATE BOOK KIDS: Tips to Get Kids Reading

Book kids are kids who reach for a book without being asked to.  They are the kinds of kids who excel in school because reading does more for the mind than the simple pleasure of reading a story of adventure like Saltwater Taffy.

The question now is, how do we create our children to become book kids?   Read more


Saltwater TaffyAdventure Books for Girls

The reason I wanted to write a post about ‘adventure books for girls’ is because Saltwater Taffy is not simply a book for those reluctant tweenage boys.  Sure, the main character of Saltwater Taffy is a boy, but one of the most liked characters in the ensemble cast of Saltwater Taffy is the character of Jaq…a girl!

When a writer sits down to write adventure books for girls, the first order of business is to make sure they create strong female characters.   All too often, the writer makes the mistake of creating weak ‘damsels in distress’ situations so the hero, the boy, can come in and ‘save the day’ on his proverbial white horse.   To this, I have to say, blahhhhhh….boring, boring, boring.

While the damsel in distress archetype might work for other forms of literature, it does Read more

Seven Arrows Literary Festival


This year’s Seven Arrows Literary Festival was a huge success.  After spending the morning with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, I remain confident about one thing in the world of book publishing; writing a Children’s Book is just the beginning step in a long adventurous journey.

When you write a children’s book, it not only connects you with some amazing kids, but it gives you the opportunity to inspire young minds.   Read more