Yes, we now have FREE BOOKMARKS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS and Children of all ages!  Make sure to include your school’s address in your email!!!!! These official bookmarks for the award-winning adventure novel Saltwater Taffy are FREE for elementary schools, children’s book clubs, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and any other place where kids gather across the country. The story of Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five tween-age friends as they uncover a treasure map leading to the lost treasure of Jean Lafitte.  Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is scheduled to go before cameras August, 2013 for a feature film release in 2014.  Read the adventure and then see the movie! Rapidly becoming a children’s book club favorite, Saltwater Taffy has been awarded two gold and two silver medal book awards.  The adventure novel is also an Accelerated Reader title where kids are awarded AR points for reading the book. Dubbed “Stand By Me” meets “The Goonies” by one of our Teachers of the Year, Saltwater Taffy not only entertains young readers, but also teaches them valuable life lessons along the way.  If you are looking for a new adventure novel for your children or students, Saltwater Taffy can be ordered from any bookstore in the world.  Saltwater Taffy is also available in the iTunes store and can be downloaded to any eReader ever made.  How cool is that!!!!! All that we ask is you handle the cost of postage, which is only $5….which is about the same price people spend on a cup of coffee these days!  


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  1. Karen Williams
    Karen Williams says:

    I am requesting free bookmarks for our Middle School student body consisting of 1050 students.

    Thank You 😉

  2. Judy Williams
    Judy Williams says:

    We would love some bookmarks for our school library as well. 1752 students the library serves 2 inner city low income schools. Thanks!!
    Van Sickle Middle School
    1170 Carew St
    Springfield, MA 01104

  3. Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy says:

    We have 125 studdents at our center but my class has 20 students. If you could please send me some of your free bookmarks.


  4. Deanna Berry
    Deanna Berry says:

    I would love bookmarks for our school, please!
    Carquinez Middle School
    1099 Pomona St.
    Crockett, CA 94525

  5. Lesa Lotito
    Lesa Lotito says:

    We could really use some free bookmarks, for our school. We have a very small school, in total only 400 students.
    I work at: High Desert School
    3620 Antelope Woods Rd.
    Acton, Ca. 93510

    Thank you
    Lesa Lotito
    High Desert Librarian

  6. Heather Tucci
    Heather Tucci says:

    I would love FREE bookmarks! our media center budget has been cut, so sadly no book marks at AMS : (

    Aberdeen Middle School
    111 Mount Royal Ave
    Aberdeen, MD 21001

  7. Heather Tucci
    Heather Tucci says:

    Our media center budget has been cut, so sadly no book marks at AMS : (

    Aberdeen Middle School
    111 Mount Royal Ave
    Aberdeen, MD 21001

  8. Mary Aughenbaugh
    Mary Aughenbaugh says:

    Hi, our elementary school would love to have some of the free bookmarks. We have 500 students and are on a tight budget like most schools.

    Thank you
    Mary Aughenbaugh

    Stafford Elementary School
    Att: Mrs. Aughenbaugh
    11 Leventhal Road
    Stafford Springs, CT 06076

  9. Jordan Cannady
    Jordan Cannady says:


    I teach in a low income school with a little over 1,000 students. I would appreciate any free bookmarks you could send us. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    J. Cannady
    Nathanael Greene Middle School
    721 Chalkstone Ave Providence, RI 02908

  10. Mark Costanzo
    Mark Costanzo says:

    My students are looking forward to reading the book and seeing this movie. Please send bookmarks.

    Mark Costanzo
    Walt Disney Elementary
    200 Lakeside Drive
    Levittown, PA 19054


  11. Melissa Yarnell
    Melissa Yarnell says:

    I work in two of our four elementary libraries and would like bookmarks for each of our schools. Any amount you can send is greatly appreciated.

    Bellefonte Elementary School (approximately 400 students)
    100 W Linn Street
    Bellefonte, PA 16823

    Benner Elementary School (approximately 265 students)
    490 Buffalo Run Road
    Bellefonte PA 16823

    Thank you.

  12. Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans says:

    My 6th graders could really use some bookmarks…..
    Taylor Mountain School
    1210 E. Bellevue Ave.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407

  13. C. Rodriguez
    C. Rodriguez says:

    Looking forward to purchasing this book for our school library. We have 800 students at our middle school and would greatly appreciate any bookmarks that you can send. Thank you so much.
    Richard L. Graves Middle School
    13243 E. Los Nietos Road
    Whittier, CA 90605

  14. Jackie Meyer
    Jackie Meyer says:

    If you still have bookmarks left, I would love to have some for our library. We have 386 Middle School students and 452 Elementary students.

    Melrose Area Schools
    546 N 5th Ave E
    Melrose, MN 56352

  15. Caroline Gilmore
    Caroline Gilmore says:

    Our school 0f approximately 306 students would be most grateful for bookmarks!!!!!!

    Vanleer School
    4456 Highway 49 West
    Vanleer,Tennessee 37181


  16. Anntoinnette Silva Backus
    Anntoinnette Silva Backus says:

    I serve 3 different school sites & would love to have booksmarks for our library. My budget doesn’t allow for bookmark purchases; LIBRARIANS LOVE FREE STUFF! Thank you.

  17. Denise Lovatto
    Denise Lovatto says:

    Can you please send me some bookmarks for our middle school library. I hope to add Saltwater Taffy to our library soon. Thank you.
    Lakeside Middle School
    11000 E. Kenney St
    Norwalk, CA 90650

  18. Pam Jordan, Librarian, Clairmont Elementary School
    Pam Jordan, Librarian, Clairmont Elementary School says:

    Thank you for making free bookmarks available for our students! They are really appreciated!

  19. Apodaca
    Apodaca says:

    Country Club Elementary would love to receive some bookmarks for the library.
    We have 600 children.
    Country Club Elementary
    7534 Blue Fox Way
    San Ramon, CA 94583


  20. Sarah Strieter
    Sarah Strieter says:

    Please send my 2 schools free bookmarks. The first school is:
    Indian Woods Elementary
    4975 West Water Street
    Kimball, Michigan 48074

    The second school is:
    Kimball Elementary
    5801 Griswold Road
    Kimball, Michigan 48074

    Thank you so much for sending both schools free book marks. Sarah Strieter, Media Parapro for Kimball and Indian Woods Elementaries.

  21. Jan Osterman
    Jan Osterman says:

    We are a library for both middle and high school. There are about 500 students in the middle school. Please send us some bookmarks! It will be appreciated so much! Thank you!

    Willcox Unified School
    480 N. Bisbee Ave.
    Willcox, AZ. 85643
    ATTN: Jan osterman

  22. Jessica Strickland
    Jessica Strickland says:

    We would love to get the kids interested in reading more! If you have any of these bookmarks left please send us some. We have approximately 600 students. Thank you!
    Riversprings Middle School
    800 Spring Creek Hwy.
    Crawfordville FL. 32327

  23. Jace Roscoe
    Jace Roscoe says:

    My students this morning informed me that they had no bookmarks for their books, and many had just started over because they had lost their place! I printed some quick, cheap paper markers for them, but they would really appreciate some nice bookmarks like these!

    Jace Roscoe
    Rosemont Middle School
    1501 W. Seminary Dr.
    Ft. Worth, TX 76015

  24. Beth Wagner
    Beth Wagner says:

    We have close to 1000 5th and 6th grade students and would like to request free bookmarks.

    Thank you.

    Beth Wagner
    Library Assistant
    Landis Run Intermediate School
    PO Box 5134 School Rd
    Lancaster, PA 17606

  25. Elena Palomin
    Elena Palomin says:

    We finally got our library up and running after three years of our campus being open. We serve underprivileged children from 6-12 grade. We would love to receive some bookmarkers for our students to promote literacy across the board.
    Thank you so much for doing this for our students. We have about 700 students in grade levels 6-12.
    IDEA Public Schools
    c/o Elena Palomin
    325 E. SH 495
    Alamo, TX 78516

  26. Steve Bowers
    Steve Bowers says:

    I would appreciate if you could send a handful (50-100) of bookmarks to me at:

    Mason Middle School
    2400 Mason Eagles Dr
    Erie, MI 48133

    thank you very much!

  27. Cindy Ercanbrack
    Cindy Ercanbrack says:

    We would love free bookmarks! 25-50 would be great. Thank you very much!

    Cindy Ercanbrack- Librarian
    Marsh Valley Middle School
    12805 S. Hwy. 91
    Arimo, Idaho 83214

  28. Marsha Lambert
    Marsha Lambert says:

    We would love some bookmarks for our school library media center if they are still available! We have 650 students in grades six through eight. Thank you for this generous offer. Our address is

    Marshall Middle School
    Learning Resource Center
    100 East Green Street
    Marshall, MI 49068

  29. Ashley Bower
    Ashley Bower says:

    If you still have bookmarks, I would greatly appreciate if you could send some to our school as we are a Title I school and have limited resources that are available for our students. We would love to have about 400 of them if possible, but any number of bookmarks would be helpful.

    Lee Middle School
    4000 53rd Ave West
    Bradenton, FL 34210

  30. martha cannon
    martha cannon says:

    Please send us some free bookmarks for out library. We have 6 7 and 8th grade students who love coming to the library. Martha Cannon Anchor Bay Middle School South 48650 Sugarbush Rd. New Baltimore Michigan 48047 Thank you very much

  31. Pamela Salazar
    Pamela Salazar says:

    Please send free bookmarks. We have over 1200 students in grades K-6. Thank you!

    Pamela Salazar
    Sundown Elementary School
    6151 W. Avenue J-8
    Lancaster, CA. 93536

  32. Connie Page
    Connie Page says:

    I am the librarian at Lewisburg Middle School. We would love to receive some bookmarks for the library. We have approximately 464 students.
    Thank you,

    Connie Page
    Lewisburg Middle School
    500 Tiger Blvd.
    Lewisburg, Tn. 37091

  33. Vanessa Valencia
    Vanessa Valencia says:

    Hello, I am the Media Specialist at Lake Stevens Middle School in Miami-Dade Cointy, Florida.

    I would loveif you could send us some of your free book marks for our library.

    Thanking you in advance.

  34. Maria M. Rivera
    Maria M. Rivera says:

    would love and appreciate the bookmarks for the school i work in, and any posters or flyers to advertise the book or other books. 700
    Is 291
    231 palmetto street
    brooklyn 11221

  35. Elizabeth McNutt
    Elizabeth McNutt says:

    Would you please include me and my students on y9our mailing list for free bookmarks? My middle school (6-8) is E. B. Comstock MS at 7044 Hodde St., Dallas, TX 75217. Our enrollment right now is about 925. Thank you so much. My students are learning the love of reading and would love bookmarks to use for their library books.

  36. Carmela Luiz
    Carmela Luiz says:

    I am the librarian at Christa McAuliffe Middle School. Our 989 students love to read! We would appreciate 200 free bookmarks. Thank you!
    Christa McAuliffe Middle School
    3880 Iron Canyon Circle
    Stockton, CA 95209

  37. Debra Stewart
    Debra Stewart says:

    We would love to have free bookmarks. We have approximately 1500 students in grades 6 through 8. Thank you!

    Debra Stewart
    Richmond Hill Middle School
    459 Warren Hill Road
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324

  38. Mary Harris
    Mary Harris says:

    We would love any free booksmarks we could get! We have 750 students, but will ake any amount.

    Mary Kay Harris
    Luella Middle School
    2075 Hampton-Locust Grove Road
    Locust Grove, GA 30248

  39. Mattie King
    Mattie King says:

    My students would love some free bookmarks for our library. Out student body is just over 600 and increasing over the years.

    Norman Glick Middle School
    400 Frazine Rd
    Modesto, CA 95357

  40. Wendy Emal
    Wendy Emal says:

    Our students love bookmarks, and our books appreciate them also. No more dog ears! Please include us when you send out book marks. Thank you!
    Anderson Valley Junior High
    P.O. Box 130
    18200 Mountain View Road
    Boonville, CA 95415

  41. Donnie Wilkerson
    Donnie Wilkerson says:

    Just ordered copies of the book from Amazon . . . would love to avail ourselves of your free bookmark offer . . . Our address is: Jamestown Elementary School
    342 South Mian Street
    Jmaestown, KY 42629
    Thank you so much!

  42. Linda Miranda
    Linda Miranda says:

    This looks like a book my 6th graders would really enjoy. I plan on ordering several for our library. If you have any bookmarks left, I’d love to have some for my intermediate students (200).


    Hughes Elementary School
    512 N. McClure Road
    Modesto, CA 95357

  43. Lauren McKenna
    Lauren McKenna says:

    Our sixth grade class would really enjoy your bookmarks. Anything you could send would be greatly appreciated. We have approximately 250 sixth graders at our middle school.

    Clark Lane Middle School
    105 Clark Lane
    Waterford, CT 06385

  44. Paula Williams
    Paula Williams says:

    I would love to give these to my new 6th graders next year. This is my first year teaching this grade at a new school and I’m excited about sharing your books.
    Send to:
    Paula Williams
    c/o Kingsgate Elementary
    1400 Kingsgate Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73159


  45. Lou Webb
    Lou Webb says:

    Are we able to have some free bookmarks for our School library please?? – Lou Webb,
    Rutherglen High School, Sheridan’s Bridge Road, Rutherglen, Victoria, 3685

  46. Ginene Theisen
    Ginene Theisen says:

    I would really love your bookmarks for my students! I will have 90 students in my room this year.
    Ginene Theisen
    1618 Jasmine Dr
    Alexandria, Mn. 56308

  47. Mary Cagle
    Mary Cagle says:

    Please send me 75 free bookmarks to:

    Mary Cagle
    Ronald E. McNair Middle School
    311 Carver Street
    P.O. Box 1209
    Lake City, SC 29560

    Thank you…I need these for my Gifted and Talented Students this year.

  48. Regina Joseph - Library Media Specialist
    Regina Joseph - Library Media Specialist says:

    Our middle school students would love your bookmarks! Thanks so much!

    League Academy Middle School
    125 Twin Lake Rd, Greenville, SC 29609

  49. Tanya Moyer
    Tanya Moyer says:

    I would love some bookmarks for our elementary school!! We have 700+ students, but anything you can send would be very appreciated.

    Rancho Vista Elementary school
    40641 Peonza Ln
    Palmdale, CA 93551

  50. Kelli Allen
    Kelli Allen says:

    I would love to have these bookmarks for my school. Thank you!!!

    Kelli Allen
    Jefferson Parkway
    154 Millard Farmer Ind. Blvd.
    Newnan, GA 30263

  51. Janet Smith
    Janet Smith says:

    Please send me some bookmarks for my kiddos. my school does pre k thru 6th grade.

    Waverly Elementary
    8525 Waverly Rd
    Martinsville, IN 46151

  52. Eileen Rowland
    Eileen Rowland says:

    Please send free Saltwater Taffy bookmarks for my library.

    Eileen Rowland-Media
    Cook County School District
    12300 Greenwood Ave
    Blue Island, IL 60406

  53. Patricia Santos
    Patricia Santos says:


    Not sure if you have any bookmarks left, but if you do, I would like 20-50 for our middle school. We love Saltwater Taffy:
    Attn: Ruth Musser Middle School Library
    10789 Terra Vista Pkwy,
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

  54. Elizabeth A McNutt
    Elizabeth A McNutt says:

    Need bookmarks for middle school and special populations as well as ESL!
    E. B. Comstock MS
    7044 Hodde St.
    Dallas, TX 75217


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