Saltwater Taffy bookAttention Taffy Heads!  It’s official!  Saltwater Taffy is today’s KINDLE DAILY DEAL from Amazon.

With a daily price set at $1.99, you won’t see this deal anytime soon, so click on the link and get your digital copy today.  Currently we are ranked #2 for children’s adventure books on Kindle.  The only author ahead of us is Rick Riordan! and his book series!  Yesterday we were ranked #324,000.  Who says marketing doesn’t work!

If you haven’t heard about Saltwater Taffy, the award-winning children’s book is an Accelerated Reader title with endorsements from 12 Teachers of the Year.

The Kindle Daily Deal is part of Amazon’s way of taking care of their customers by offering them a savings up to 80% off the regular cover price.

Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five “tweenage” friends as they uncover a treasure map leading to the Lost Treasure of Jean Lafitte.  With this amazing Kindle Daily Deal, we suggest reading the book with your children for their next bedtime story book.

Often called “Stand By Me” meets “The Goonies,”  Saltwater Taffy not only takes the reader on an epic treasure hunting adventure, but it teaches children how to reach their full potential in life by thinking UP, not DOWN.

LIT JAM Susanville

Author visitsLIT JAM Susanville

2013 Lit Jam Susanville was yet another amazing author visit for Saltwater Taffy.  We sold out every book they hand in the Lit Jam bookstore as well as 2 additional boxes of special orders.

With over 500 kids and parents in attendance for the main event, LIT JAM Susanville was a huge success for Lassen County’s Education Department.  James D. Hall was an amazing leader and an inspiration to the kids in his district.

DSC_0042_7After 3 different all school assemblies in two days, I have to admit I was beginning to run on empty, but when you have a mic, 500 kids and your book the center of attention, you find the energy to carry on.  I am looking forward to a return to Lassen County as other elementary schools in the area have requested a Saltwater Taffy visit.  Yes, this is a good problem to have on the road to becoming a best selling children’s book.  I have been on the road for over two years, touring with Saltwater Taffy and I have to admit, this recent trip to the LIT JAM Susanville has to be one of my favorite stops of all.  The kids, teachers, and parents were amazing!

DSC_0041_7          Lit Jam Susanville




Yes, we now have FREE BOOKMARKS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS and Children of all ages!  Make sure to include your school’s address in your email!!!!! These official bookmarks for the award-winning adventure novel Saltwater Taffy are FREE for elementary schools, children’s book clubs, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and any other place where kids gather across the country. The story of Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five tween-age friends as they uncover a treasure map leading to the lost treasure of Jean Lafitte.  Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is scheduled to go before cameras August, 2013 for a feature film release in 2014.  Read the adventure and then see the movie! Rapidly becoming a children’s book club favorite, Saltwater Taffy has been awarded two gold and two silver medal book awards.  The adventure novel is also an Accelerated Reader title where kids are awarded AR points for reading the book. Dubbed “Stand By Me” meets “The Goonies” by one of our Teachers of the Year, Saltwater Taffy not only entertains young readers, but also teaches them valuable life lessons along the way.  If you are looking for a new adventure novel for your children or students, Saltwater Taffy can be ordered from any bookstore in the world.  Saltwater Taffy is also available in the iTunes store and can be downloaded to any eReader ever made.  How cool is that!!!!! All that we ask is you handle the cost of postage, which is only $5….which is about the same price people spend on a cup of coffee these days!  




Saltwater Taffy is well on its way to be listed on the best selling books for children around the country.  While this is an important distinction for us and our book distributor Perseus, the most important thing about being included on the best selling books for children will be knowing how many lives Saltwater Taffy has touched.

There has never been a question on whether or not Saltwater Taffy is an awesome book for children.  12 Teachers of the Year, two children’s book award GOLD medals and two Silver medals have verified its awesomeness! Read more

Books for Kids

Books for kidsBOOKS FOR KIDS

While there are many books for kids to consider on the market, I would like to introduce the award winning children’s book, Saltwater Taffy.  This epic adventure novel follows the lives of five young friends as they uncover a treasure map once belonging to Jean Lafitte, the great New Orleans pirate.

Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is now Read more