MIDDLE GRADE FICTION: Children’s Book Tour

children's book tourMIDDLE GRADE FICTION: Children’s Book Tour

A Children’s book tour can be so taxing, I am not sure how Teachers do it day in and day out.  Children are amazing, but wow…I’m exhausted from the tour.  It’s 4:18 pm on Presidents Day and I’m in bed.  Not because i’m sick, and not because I’m…whatever.  It’s because I am FINALLY HOME…at least for 4 days.

Looking at the run from December and the Big Giveaway to the Southern California Writer’s Conference Key Note last night….I am T-I-R-E -WHOOPED.  See, you thought I was going to write, TIRED, didn’t you.  I’m not tired, I’m whooped.  16 cities and 1000’s of kids.  As far east to Nashville, south to New Orleans, and North to Seattle.  On this leg of the Saltwater Taffy Children’s Book Tour, Largest Assembly was 400 middle school kids.  One mic, one author and 400 kids in one auditorium?  It was awesome.  When you book your children’s book tour, make sure to pencil in some time for you to do simply NOTHING.  It will help, trust me.  Lesson learned.


Middle Grade Fiction


Authors of middle grade fiction titles must wake up to the idea that times have changed.  As the children’s book market continues to shrink, it is important to have a cause behind your Children’s Book.  Without it, you are facing an uphill battle in the world of publishing.

In the past, I have written episodes of TV and made movies because I needed to ‘make some money.’  I was living in my own world of fiction because those jobs lacked the most important element of all: my soul.

Through many trials and tribulations, not to mention hours of frustration in illogical living, otherwise known as Hollywood, I have now discovered my ultimate reason for being; to be in the service of others.  I now do things that are cause related, and not ‘because’ I need the money.  I mean, without the cause, I might as well be scraping barnacles from the side of a battleship.   Sure, working on Law & Order was cool, but it didn’t fit what I was supposed to do with my life.

As my wife Julie and I are expecting our first child in May, I have never felt more ‘on point’ with my life.  I have been waiting my entire career to write Saltwater Taffy and now we are 7 days away from the big release.  I guess you could say that right now, right here, LIFE IS GOOD!  Let’s turn this motha OUT.

PS: The photo above is from an 11 year-old reader in Brentwood, CA.  Don’t you love it?  This was her note to her parents after she finished the book late one night.

MIDDLE GRADE FICTION: The Giveaway Continues

Middle grade fictionMIDDLE GRADE FICTION:

The middle grade fiction giveaway continues.  With the help of a great friend, the Saltwater Taffy continues to find its way into the hands of homeless children this holiday season.  Beyond Shelter is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that combats poverty and homelessness among families with children.

If you would like to help Beyond Shelter, you can visit their website or call Ofer Raveh (323) 445-7322.  Always remember, each moment is another opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life…especially a child’s life!

Saltwater TaffySaltwater Taffy
















Saltwater Taffy has been endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country and is rapidly becoming a children’s book club favorite.  You can find the book at any bookstore on the planet as well as upload a copy to your favorite eBook Reader.




middle schoolEverything I learned about myself: I learned in middle school.

Yes, that’s right, Middle School.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is SALTWATER TAFFY.  If you have ever been sick, injured or suffered through a battle of being super-duper bummed out (adults refer to this as being depressed), you know there’s nothing more important in life than feeling good.

The most precious thing we have in this middle school life is… Read more

CREATIVE CHILDREN: 7 Steps To Finding What You Love

Creative ChildrenCREATIVE CHILDREN: 7 Steps To Finding What You Love

Creative children aren’t born, they are nurtured.  Sure, you have the occasional child prodigy, but most of us need to develop our craft to become creative children.  It takes practice and real dedication to become creative, so let’s get to work.

Step 7 taken from Another Piece of Saltwater Taffy, a workbook supplement of the adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy is this:


You must take responsibility for the things you want to accomplish in life.  Nobody can do it for you.  Not your parents.  Not your teachers.  Not your mentor.  Not even the Dream Team you assembled in the last section.    This life … your life … is up to YOU. Read more