Saltwater Taffy is well on its way to be listed on the best selling books for children around the country.  While this is an important distinction for us and our book distributor Perseus, the most important thing about being included on the best selling books for children will be knowing how many lives Saltwater Taffy has touched.

There has never been a question on whether or not Saltwater Taffy is an awesome book for children.  12 Teachers of the Year, two children’s book award GOLD medals and two Silver medals have verified its awesomeness!

The biggest hurdle facing any children’s book in the over-crowded marketplace, is simply a question of awareness.  Once discovered, Saltwater Taffy wins over parents, teachers and children of all ages.  The question facing us moving forward is how to get the word out to more people around the country.

While social media has been a great tool to help us spread the word about this amazing book for kids, we need to discover some exciting and effective marketing tools to reach a wider audience.  This is where we need your help.

    • Do you have a great marketing idea on how Saltwater Taffy can reach more children across the country?
    • Do you know of a literary festival looking for author visits?
    • Does your PTA know about Saltwater Taffy?
    • Are there any large groups for kids who might be interested in purchasing Saltwater Taffy at 50% off its cover price?
    • Do you have a child in your life you could share Saltwater Taffy with?

Please help us get the word out about Saltwater Taffy today by either sending us an email, posting to our Facebook fan page, or leaving a comment below.  Thank you for your continued support!


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