Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rotan, Florida

Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rota, Florida

Saltwater Taffy, the award-winning children’s book, was recently at the Miami Book Fair International to pick up the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal for Children’s Books.  Since we were there, we shot up the coast to Boca Rotan, Florida where the kids at Water’s Edge Elementary School went crazy for Saltwater Taffy!  Here are some shots from the amazing assembly for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!


Saltwater Taffy has taken home two GOLD MEDALS for Children’s books.  We are so excited the children of the country are responding so favorably for this adventure novel.  We are currently on the Accelerated Reader List across the country and hoping to be added to the Sunshine Reading List in Florida.  This stop should help that desire.


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