One of the biggest secrets to writing children’s books is to watch your own thoughts.   Be careful not to judge your abilities, just trust in the process and keep moving the story forward.  Remember, if a chapter or page doesn’t propel your story, then CUT IT.  Be bold.  Be ruthless with your story.  If you don’t, who will?  Certainly not your readers because they will lose interest.

The process of creating my Middle Grade Fiction novel, Saltwater Taffy has been a wild ride.  By saying it’s been a wild ride, I mean my thoughts were all over the place…thoughts of JUDGEMENT, right there alongside….…my the thoughts of EMPOWERMENT about how amazing I think the story was, not to mention how things were unfolding within the story with ease and grace.

Sometimes it can be such a mental game of ping-pong, you lose track of why you started in the first place. This is a bummer. To lose sight of the “WHY” behind something you’ve chosen to do. NOW HEAR THIS: it is normal.

For every amazing creative thought, you’re going to have 10 thoughts about why you shouldn’t continue writing because your ego wants you to remain the same.  The biggest runaway thought for writers for middle grade readers is that NOBODY WILL LIKE IT.

Bahhhh Humbug!  You have no say in what other people will think of your work. You have no control whatsoever!  But I ask you this, “are you writing for attention for the passion for doing what you want to do?  Judgement?  Please, get over it. Leave it behind and do what you came here to do; CREATE SOMETHING FROM YOUR HEART.

Did you know when Stephanie Meyers created the Twilight book, she sent out 15 letters to book agents and was rejected.  14 agents said no.  5 didn’t even respond.   9 sent her a rejection form letter, but one agent sent a letter and said “I’d like to read more.” This is proof in a long line of stories about success….you must do it because you know you have to.   You need to have a connection with your heart compass (that thing that guides you to do the things you love) and you need to GO FOR IT.

The amazing creative process is a double edged sword. You need to PUSH through any runaway thought of “nobody will like it” and GIT R DUN!!!!! Don’t ask why, ask WHY NOT. And hey, every moment in your life is another adventure waiting to happen, so embrace it with love and you will see the amazing creative process revealed by FINISHING WHAT YOU START. Go for it. Do it. Speak it. Write it. Live it. Love it. SEE YA!


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