Writer's Digest Conference East 2013HOW TO WRITE FOR MAGAZINES OR NEWSPAPERS: 

Have you ever dreamed about how to write for magazines or newspapers?  Have you ever dreamed of one day opening the pages of your favorite magazine or newspaper and see an article written by you for the rest of the world to enjoy? Read more


7 Writing Secrets to Write Well and Sell

Writing SecretsWhy only 7 Writing Secrets to Write Well and Sell?  While there are any number of amazing writing secrets, we’ve decided to focus on our 7 best writing secrets.  Now, everyone wants to  know about the latest writing secrets to help make the job of writing an easier and sell their work, but the truth is WRITING IS DIFFICULT.  Now that we know this, it’s time for us to GET OVER IT.

If writing were easy, then everyone would be doing it…right?  Oh…wait…everyone is Read more

Writer’s Digest Conference

Writers-Digest-Conference 2Writer’s Digest Conference WEST – October 19-21, 2012

Writer’s Digest Conference West will be held in Hollywood, California this year at the Loews Hollywood Hotel on October 19th – October 21st.  I am honored to be part of the panel on Self-Publishing in the Real World – What to Expect, What to Do, and How to Do It.

The reason we have been asked to become part of the Writer’s Digest Conference West is because Saltwater Taffy, a self-published title, has sold through our first printing of 5000 copies while picking up multiple children’s book award honors.  Endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy is an epic adventure novel for tweens and children of all ages.

Here’s a peek at the schedule for the weekend!  Hope to see you there and always remember, your next great idea is right behind the runaway thought of, “I don’t know what to write.”


Guest Posting with BOOKMARKET.COM

BOOKMARKET.COM – Guest Posting is one of the leading resources for book marketing on the internet.  John Kremer is THE #1 name in book marketing on the internet.  His book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books is the industry go-to for book marketing and used by independent and traditional NY publishers.  I recently had the pleasure of writing an article for his website; Self-Published or Independent: What’s In a Name Anyway?

Secrets For Writers


I am always looking for secrets for writers, because writing is one of the hardest tasks to master.  These are some secrets I used to write my latest book, Saltwater Taffy, an adventure novel for tweens and endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year.

Every time we sit down to write, we wonder…will this be the one to propel my work?  Will this be the one to bring all the readers I dream about?  Will the writing win an award?  Will it be made into a movie?  The truth is, we have no answer for any of those questions, so we simply have to press on and write.  That being said, I have compiled a list of secrets for writers to consider.

That list is in an article I had the pleasure of writing for Kevin Westerman’s blog, today.

The article is a list of secrets for writers struggling to answer the question; What should I write next?  You can check it out here: SUPER DADDY!