Free Children’s Book Saltwater Taffy Book Christmas GIVEAWAY


Children's bookIt’s time to give away five copies of the children’s book, Saltwater Taffy for Christmas.  This amazing package includes 5 signed copies of Saltwater Taffy, bookmarks and signed Saltwater Taffy posters! What a perfect gift for the children in your life at Christmas time!

Wondering how you can enter this amazing children’s book giveaway?  Here’s what to do….Sharing on Social Media and other websites for Saltwater Taffy:

Twitter: Promote Saltwater Taffy through a TWEET and link to the website and include @EricDelaBarre in your tweet or FOLLOW us on Twitter.

Facebook: Promote Saltwater Taffy with a posting on your page about the 5 book Giveaway or LIKE the Saltwater Taffy fan page.

Google+: Promote Saltwater Taffy with a posting to your network about the 5 book Giveaway.

Pinterest: Pin a picture and add @EricDelaBarre in the description at Pinterest.

YouTube: Comment on one of the many YouTube videos of Saltwater Taffy from our school visits.

Amazon: Add a review comment on the Saltwater Taffy product page.

Barnes & Noble: Add a review comment on the Saltwater Taffy product page.

Instagram: Share a photo of Saltwater Taffy on any one of the social media platforms.

Our website: Simply comment on any one of the blog entries for Saltwater Taffy!

In order for us to get you the 5 books in time for Christmas, this amazing GIVEAWAY of Saltwater Taffy ends December 19th, 2012.

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