Middle Grade Fiction Tour

Saltwater Taffy


The middle grade fiction tour with with Saltwater Taffy and the two week adventure is long, but I am proud to say the entire journey has been more than worth it.  I now understand why teachers do what they do, even though the state pays them a salary less than a manager at McDonalds.  They do it because when a child looks into your eyes and you see that light go on?  Truly an AWESOME experience and I am honored to be part of it.  I just can’t wait to reach…

…millions of children across this great country of ours.  It was also very cool to be in Dallas because not only am I a Cowboy fan, but the city was already buzzing for the upcoming Super Bowl.  Here are some images from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas.

Middle Grade Fiction Tour Middle Grade Fiction tour Middle Grade Fiction Tour

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