READ ACROSS AMERICA celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday every year and children’s book authors across the country visit schools to read to children.  This year was a great even!   Dodger great “Sweet Lou” Johnson, the Laker Girls, and Saltwater Taffy helped kick off the amazing event.

I was able to read to 3 different 5th Grade classrooms and then gave away a whopping 375 copies of Saltwater Taffy to every kid in the entire school.  We are rapidly approaching giveaway copy #5,000!!!!  How cool is that?  5000 kids energized about reading again?  Here are some images from today’s visit:

Read Across America Read Across America Read Across America Read Across America

Saltwater Taffy has been endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year around the country and is an epic tale of adventure for the entire family.  We are honored to be a part there this year and look forward to next years event!

Eric “Uncle E” DelaBarre is an award winning filmmaker and the author of the adventure novel Saltwater Taffy.  Copyright March 3, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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