Saltwater Taffy bookAttention Taffy Heads!  It’s official!  Saltwater Taffy is today’s KINDLE DAILY DEAL from Amazon.

With a daily price set at $1.99, you won’t see this deal anytime soon, so click on the link and get your digital copy today.  Currently we are ranked #2 for children’s adventure books on Kindle.  The only author ahead of us is Rick Riordan! and his book series!  Yesterday we were ranked #324,000.  Who says marketing doesn’t work!

If you haven’t heard about Saltwater Taffy, the award-winning children’s book is an Accelerated Reader title with endorsements from 12 Teachers of the Year.

The Kindle Daily Deal is part of Amazon’s way of taking care of their customers by offering them a savings up to 80% off the regular cover price.

Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five “tweenage” friends as they uncover a treasure map leading to the Lost Treasure of Jean Lafitte.  With this amazing Kindle Daily Deal, we suggest reading the book with your children for their next bedtime story book.

Often called “Stand By Me” meets “The Goonies,”  Saltwater Taffy not only takes the reader on an epic treasure hunting adventure, but it teaches children how to reach their full potential in life by thinking UP, not DOWN.



Children's Book SaleWelcome to Saltwater Taffy’s Cyber Monday Children’s Book Sale.  If you order Saltwater Taffy directly from the official Saltwater Taffy website, you will get these fantastic deals!  Yes, Virginia…you can still purchase Saltwater Taffy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and even Target, but when you purchase directly from Seven Publishing, you’ll get… Read more

Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rotan, Florida

Saltwater Taffy in Boca Rota, Florida

Saltwater Taffy, the award-winning children’s book, was recently at the Miami Book Fair International to pick up the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal for Children’s Books.  Since we were there, we shot up the coast to Boca Rotan, Florida where the kids at Water’s Edge Elementary School went crazy for Saltwater Taffy!  Here are some shots from the amazing assembly for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!


Saltwater Taffy has taken home two GOLD MEDALS for Children’s books.  We are so excited the children of the country are responding so favorably for this adventure novel.  We are currently on the Accelerated Reader List across the country and hoping to be added to the Sunshine Reading List in Florida.  This stop should help that desire.



Saltwater Taffy Hits the Road with Author Visits

author visitsSaltwater Taffy hits the road with author visits to help spread child literacy across the country.  As a children’s book author, it appears that our children’s book tour and author visits with Saltwater Taffy are never ending.  Yes, my friends, this is a good thing.  Not only does it keep Saltwater Taffy fresh in the eyes of educators, parents and children, but it also allows me to continue to be an advocate for child literacy across the country.

On November 15th, I’m taking the family to Miami, Florida where we will be awarded the Reader’s Favorite GOLD MEDAL book award at the Miami Book Fair International.  Now, it would be easy to fly across the country and view this as a mini-vacation in Miami with my family, but as an independent publisher, I am always looking for new venues to promote child literacy.  It also gives me a chance to inspire young minds and help them ignore thoughts of fear, doubt and worry.

This is why, on Friday, November 16, 2012, I have an author visit & assembly at Water’s Edge Elementary in Boca Rotan, Florida.  Sure, I have to rent a car and drive over an hour down to Boca, but why not?  As authors, we need to be willing to travel the extra mile and do whatever it takes to raise awareness around our work.

On December 6, 2012, the Literary Festival at Seven Arrows Elementary in Pacific Palisades, California has scheduled a Saltwater Taffy visit for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade author visit.  The Literary Festival is held every year, and we are excited be included in this years event.

On March 27, 2013, I will participate in the 5th Annual Lassen County Literary Jam in Susanville, California.  The Lassen County School District has booked me into 3 different elementary schools as well as a keynote presenter at the Awards Ceremony.

If your school would like a Saltwater Taffy visit, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Always remember, each moment is another adventure waiting to happen!  See you at the book store!