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The best Tween advice there is to NEVER talk down to yourself…about yourself.  It’s okay to wonder if people like you or even wonder if you fit in with everyone else at school, but talking down to yourself about yourself can literally make you sick.  The more you do it, the sicker you get.

If you become aware of something that is bad for you, why would you ever continue to do it?  Thoughts have that kind of energy.  If you knew licking a doorknob was the best way to get the FLU, would you ever lick a doorknob?

Of course you wouldn’t.  You’d have to be crazy to lick a doorknob, especially if you know it can make you sick.  The same goes for talking down to yourself…about yourself.  The more you do it, the more likely the behavior will turn into a bad habit.  And the more it becomes a bad habit, the harder it will be to break that bad habit as you grow up.




Never spend your time on a thought that tries to tell you “I’m no good.”  You are a complete original!  Sure, people can be like you, but nobody is YOU.  You are you and that’s the hidden secret to life.  You are different than anyone else, so it’s your job to celebrate YOU and your differentness.

Learn to love who you are, not who you are….well…NOT.  It’s great to look up or idolize other people, but remember, your idol was just like you…a kid with a dream.  Why not begin to put your attention on YOUR dream and start doing something about making that dream come true?  Why not live that dream today?

I know, I know, you’re probably saying it’s great tween advice, but it’s not that easy.  Sorry to tell you, but it is just that easy.  In order to achieve greatness, you first have to start with great thoughts.  Great thoughts build confidence.  Great thoughts empower you to carry on when things get tough.

If you aren’t sure what your dream is, just sit down, close your eyes and think about what you love.  If you love dogs, maybe it’s your destiny to become a veterinarian.  If you love helping people, maybe your destiny is to become a doctor?  If you love to argue, maybe your destiny is to become a judge?  If you love to draw, maybe your destiny is to become an artist?  If you love to sing, maybe your destiny is to become a singer?

You never know what you can do until you begin to listen to your heart and go after what you love.  What’s the alternative?  Fitting in with the crowd and watching life pass you by?  No…thank you.  I’d rather live my life doing something I love than trying to fit in with the crowd.  Start thinking about what you love today and set sail on your adventure.  And to include a line from Saltwater Taffy:  Always remember, every moment is a new adventure waiting to happen.  Are you ready?  

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  1. Barbara Anderson
    Barbara Anderson says:

    Thank you for this post. My daughter has been struggling with trying to fit in at school. Sometimes the things she says about herself just breaks my heart. I can’t wait to show her this and get her your book!!! Barbara


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