When writing gets tough, we need to write on.  In the on-again, off-again love affair life of being a writer, the writer can be certain that he or she will one day wonder if the process of writing is worth all the trouble.  We wonder because writing is lonely.  Writing is intoxicatingWriting is frustrating, fulfilling, heartbreaking, complicated, and most of all……writing is difficult.

Writer’s this to be true, but we write on. We write on because we remember what it feels like to finish a story that really works.  We write on because we remember what it feels like to write something that people love.  We write on because, if we are lucky, we hear that our words changed the direction of someone else’s life.

When we aren’t writing, we think of the days, years, and even decades we have committed to telling our stories.  When we aren’t writing, we wonder about the life we left behind of steady paychecks and morning coffee-talk that reminded us we were part of a company.  When we aren’t writing, we compare our lives to our friends who don’t write, but we find a way to think anew and write on.

We write because we love it.  We write because we have to.  We write because there is nothing more powerful than the first blush of an idea that carries with it the enthusiasm of our first kiss of story, which is the reason we uttered those now famous words, I am a writer.

Write on, Writers….WRITE ON!

Eric “Uncle E” DelaBarre is an award-winning filmmaker and the author of the tween adventure novel, SALTWATER TAFFY.  Copyright April 12, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.


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  1. MaryannW
    MaryannW says:

    Writers – their words make me think and make me wonder which in turn makes me love to read. Keep on writing!


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