Tween DreamsMIDDLE SCHOOL PLAYGROUNDS: Where Tween Dreams Die  

Tween dreams are important, but right now, somewhere in the country, a child’s dream is beginning to die right there on the playground at school.  This is one of the many reasons I wrote Saltwater Taffy…to help children hold onto their tween dreams!

The tragic happening begins as early as middle school where tweens imaginations are filled with dreams of tomorrow.  Within their young eyes, the tween twinkle gives them the organic ability to not only dream, but dream BIG.  The impossible shows up in their tweenage mind because they have YET to learn the…. Read more

WRITING FOR CHILDREN: Know The Number One Ingredient

Writing for childrenWRITING FOR CHILDREN: Know the Number One Ingredient

When writing for children, we must remember the number one thing is to LOVE WHAT WE ARE WRITING.

Trust me when I say that if you don’t love the story you are telling, it will show up on the page.  It will lack the heart that is necessary to connect with one of the toughest markets in all of publishing; middle grade fiction.

If you set out to make the best-seller list, you will most certainly fail. When you are… Read more

CREATIVE CHILDREN: 7 Steps To Finding What You Love

Creative ChildrenCREATIVE CHILDREN: 7 Steps To Finding What You Love

Creative children aren’t born, they are nurtured.  Sure, you have the occasional child prodigy, but most of us need to develop our craft to become creative children.  It takes practice and real dedication to become creative, so let’s get to work.

Step 7 taken from Another Piece of Saltwater Taffy, a workbook supplement of the adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy is this:


You must take responsibility for the things you want to accomplish in life.  Nobody can do it for you.  Not your parents.  Not your teachers.  Not your mentor.  Not even the Dream Team you assembled in the last section.    This life … your life … is up to YOU. Read more

CREATIVE CHILDREN: Something They Can Learn?

Creative ChildrenCREATIVE CHILDREN: Something They Can Learn?

Creative children are creative because they are willing to practice being creative.  Some middle school readers have asked me the question, ‘Can I learn how to be creative?’  As the author of Saltwater Taffy, I am going to answer that the best way I know how:


Children can learn how to be creative children.  Do you think painting classes are for creative children who already know how to paint?  Do you think piano lessons are reserved for creative children who already know how to play the piano?  Being creative only means you are willing to PRACTICE at what you desire long enough to become good at it.  Then you will be called, CREATIVE.

Being creative” means nothing more than having the confidence to fail

The only difference between creative children and non-creative children is…

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Most middle school dreams are filled with a common thing…a desire to be famous.  Is that what this life has come to?  A simple desire to be famous for the sake of being famous?  Really?

Well, I had the joy of meeting and talking with Renee Zellweger the other day, but when I woke up to an email from a friend that said: “Is that Renee Zellweger carrying your book?” I couldn’t believe it.  But, then again, is it really that hard to believe?  We live in such a celebrity infatuated society that a girl… Read more