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Book Reviews are important to parents.  We want to know what other people have said about Saltwater Taffy.   While other children’s book authors ask other authors to endorse their children’s book, author Eric DelaBarre wanted something different.  He wanted to find endorsements from Teachers of the Year.  He also wanted to hear what psychologists had to say about Saltwater Taffy.

Here are some of the amazing CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEWS for Saltwater Taffy.  If you have read the now award-winning children’s book Saltwater Taffy, we would love to hear from you!

Please send us a two sentence review in an email through our contact page and you might see your name listed below among some of the top minds in the world of education!  Book Reviews are important and we want to hear from you.

 My students and I fell in love with Saltwater Taffy right from the start.  What a great adventure story!

Joy Weiss
2010 Arizona Teacher of the Year

“Saltwater Taffy is a riveting tale of adventure, friendship and buried treasure.  Where was this book when I was a kid?

Gwen Desselle
2010 Georgia Teacher of the Year

“Saltwater Taffy is a pure joy to read and explore. It feels like a field trip to Treasure Island with The Goonies.  It’s a great inspirational adventure for young minds and those still young at heart.”

Keil E. Hileman
2008 U.S. Department of Education Teacher and Ambassador Fellow
2007 Daughters of American Revolution National Outstanding Teacher
2004 National Education Association Horseman Teacher of Excellence
2004 National Teacher of the Year Finalist
2004 Kansas Teacher of the Year

“Saltwater Taffy entertains and educates. It’s Indiana Jones meets Stand By Me. I love it.”

LeAnn Morris
Masters of Educational Technology

Commission on Educational Excellence
2008 Nevada Teacher of the Year

          “A perfect read for the summer.  A wonderful, fun-filled adventure for all ages!”

Sharon F. Andrews
Doctorate of Education

2003 Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence
2006-2007 PTA Life Achievement Award
2008 South Dakota Teacher of the Year

“A fun, family story for the adventurous reader. Pirates, mischief and real friendships make Saltwater Taffy a home run read!”

Mike Batesole
Men’s Head Baseball Coach, Fresno State University

2008 NCAA National Champions

“A wonderful book for reluctant readers – pirates, treasure maps, and a coming of age story that perfectly captures the heroic struggles of adolescence – what’s not to love?”

Josh Anderson
2007 Kansas Debate Teacher of the Year

2007 Kansas Teacher of the Year
2007 National Teacher of the Year, Finalist

“Saltwater Taffy awakens the true spirit of adventure in all of us.”

Michael Flynn, M.Ed.
2009 NEA Teaching Award for Excellence

2008 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year

“After reading the page-turning excitement of Saltwater Taffy, I couldn’t wait to recommend it to one of my best friends…my 9 year-old stepson, Flynt.”

Phillip Palmer
Anchor, ABC News, Los Angeles

“With great friends, epic adventures, and poignant life lessons along the way, Saltwater Taffy will touch your heart, at any age.”

Janace Tashjian
Associate Producer, AVATAR

Producer, Entourage

“Saltwater Taffy is truly a remarkable book with the combination of adventure story and heartfelt message.”

Gina Reba

“An intriguing adventure that both a fantasy-loving grandmother and her fifteen year-old grandson can enjoy together.”

Tamara Steen
2005 USA Today’s All-USA Teacher Team

2005 Washington State Teacher of the Year
2005 National Teacher of the Year Finalist

“It is rare in this day and age to find a book delivering a powerful message to young people that is not only exciting to read, but uplifting and inspiring as well. Saltwater Taffy delivers!”

Carol Shultz
Masters of Education

National Board Certified Teacher
2008 Idaho Teacher of the Year

“Pirates, adventure and treasure! Saltwater Taffy is a rockin’ good time. Aarrggghhhh!!!

Alan Sitomer
2007 California Teacher of the Year

“Friendships, bad guys, and pirate treasure…what more could a young reader want! Readers will enjoy Saltwater Taffy so much, they won’t even realize they are learning some great life lessons.”

Paul Frick, Ph.D
Masters of Education

Licensed Psychologist
Professor of Psychology and Chair, University of New Orleans
Editor, Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

“A fast paced story that “hooks” readers from page one. Kids will find themselves wanting to turn the page to see what happens next rather than turn on the television. I loved it.”

Ashley Ladd
2009 Team Up For Youth Phillips Fellow Recipient

2009 Academic All-WAC honoree
San Jose State University Scholar-Athlete
San Jose State University Dean’s Scholar

“Packed with adventure and intrigue, Saltwater Taffy is about a treasure hunt that leads to one of the most important discoveries of all…what really matters in life.”

Beth Ekre
2009 North Dakota Teacher of the Year

“Saltwater Taffy is more than a great read, Saltwater Taffy is SAWEET.”

Aaron Young
President, CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica

“A fun novel for young readers who love adventure.  Saltwater Taffy is a solid addition to any youth novel collection.”

James Cox
Senior Editor
Midwest Book Review

“Saltwater Taffy is a coming-of-age story with universal themes to appeal to all types of readers.  It is an excellent youth book club selection.”

Terry Doherty
Executive Director
The Reading Tub, Inc.

“Once I started reading Saltwater Taffy I couldn’t put it down. This is a fast-paced thrilling tale of adventure sure to have you saying, “What a great book!”

Chris Singer

“Saltwater Taffy is a captivating story filled with lots of adventure. It will take you on a journey that is sure to inflame your imagination.”

Judith Lafitte
Owner – Octavia Books
New Orleans, LA

“Saltwater Taffy is a wonderful classic adventure filled with adventure, excitement, mystery and suspense.  It is a perfect read for boys and girls alike, but more than anything….it’s easy to love Saltwater Taffy!”

Cindy Laverty
Radio Host
The Cindy Laverty Show KZSB AM 1290

“Saltwater Taffy is a larger than life adventure story that teaches the joys of friendship, life lessons and values.  Even though it is aimed at Tweens, I have to confess I was captivated by this swashbuckling adventure.

Maureen Ruble
Book Reviewer


“There are so many things I love about this book.  Not only do the characters in the book learn about treasure hunting, but they also learn the importance of friendship.”

Lori Calabrese
Children’s Book Editor
Children’s Books Examiner

“A friend gave me Saltwater Taffy and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed.  My fascination with Caribbean pirates is no secret, so after reading this wonderful book of adventure, I had to email the author for an interview!”

Chris Sims
Wired Magazine’s GEEK DAD

“Saltwater Taffy is a page turner and a fast read of adventure. Eric has a natural writing ability that enabled him to write a story that is fun and exciting for kids without insulting their intelligence.  I loved it”

Kevin Westerman

“Full of action, adventure and friendship, Saltwater Taffy is great book!  Even though it was written with Tween readers in mind, I think kids of all ages will enjoy it.  I sure did.”

Tammy Duplessie

“When I started reading the Saltwater Taffy to make sure that it was suitable for our grandchildren, I have to admit that I couldn’t put it down.  It was terrific!”

Bob Gray
Port Townsend Library

“Saltwater Taffy is an engaging fun-filled adventure that parents would not be bored reading to younger children.  The book is great for young independent readers, teenagers, and adults alike.”

Kellie Junkins
Children’s Book Reviewer

“If you pick up any book this summer, pick up Saltwater Taffy. It’s a story close to all of our hearts about what it means to grow up.”

Melissa Willms
Owner, Children’s Book Reviewer
Outnumbered 3 to 1

“Saltwater Taffy is one of the best children’s books I’ve read in years!  No matter how old you are, this story will touch your heart!”

Dr. Karen Pirnot
Clinical Child & Family Psychologist
Readers Favorite Review

“There are few people who are able to uplift, motivate and inspire a whole room of children.  Reading Saltwater Taffy is like dousing oneself in a journey of self-discovery and awareness where the reader uncovers the most potent treasure of all … the powerful, inner workings of the heart.”

Dr. Jenni Silberstein
Clinical Child Psychologist